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Dept x Forrester

How to build & accelerate your digital business


Today, every company understands what it means to be digital. Due to COVID-19, many of us have learned to digitise our interactions that were once offline. From supporting our customers via new sales channels, to launching innovative solutions which cut out the middleman. Whether it’s B2C or B2B, it has become crystal clear that C-level business leaders who are fast, responsive and agile, and keep their customers at the centre, will turn into tomorrow’s winners.

During this Dept Talks Live, our founder and CTO, Bart Manuel, will be joined by Forrester’s research analyst, Ted Schadler, to discuss the secrets for building and accelerating your digital business, based on Forrester’s latest research report ‘Digital Rewrites The Rules Of Business’. We’ll show how the most successful brands and companies are using creativity, data and technology to deliver effective customer experiences. Because every industry has a unique transformation opportunity at their fingertips, Ted will show us the new rules of digital business.

Three Key Takeaways:

  • Hear how traditional B2B and B2C companies are building their digital business by harnessing creativity, data and technology.
  • Find out how you can apply these principles to your company or brand.
  • Discover the new rules of digital business and how you can use those to your advantage.


Ted Schadler serves digital business professionals. He has 29 years of experience in the technology industry, analysing the effects of disruptive technologies on people and on businesses. His research agenda focuses on platform business models, digital transformation, digital experience platforms, and digital experience agencies. His current interests and collaborations include digital transformation, digital maturity, platform businesses, mobile web, and maps: the power hidden in plain sight.


Bart Manuel — CTO & Founder, Dept

Together with his brother Paul, Bart co-founded digital design and build agency TamTam in 1996. They quickly realised that whatever direction the internet would evolve, there would always be a need for an agency to help organisations be successful online. Fast forward 24 years and this still holds true, just at a bigger scale.TamTam has since evolved into Dept, a leading international digital agency, with Dimi Albers as CEO and Bart (& Paul) still involved on a full-time basis as board members and co-founders. Today, Bart focuses on digital acceleration and the reinvention of businesses.



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