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23 March 2020 - 17 December 2021

Dept Lab

Dept Lab

The Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted our personal and working lives in ways never experienced before. For businesses and organisations across the globe, it has created a huge cloud of uncertainty about what the next few months, and even years, may hold.

For those of us working in or close to marketing, digital and IT teams, we have felt the pressure that comes with such immediate disruption and uncertainty, with urgent questions on our roles, our budgets and spend. Where our real responsibility lies within this unique scenario, is our ability to think tactically and transformatively.

Dept’s senior team is here to help you and your business create a fast-paced response to both mitigate any immediate risks, while preparing for long-term recovery. Whether your challenge is around strategy, tech, branding, comms or anything in between, we have a director who can help.

Every Tuesday from 10-12pm, we’re scheduling no-strings, 30 minute consultancy calls for senior marketing and IT professionals who just need solid advice.

Simply complete the form below outlining your key challenges right now, and we’ll schedule a call with the right experts.



Hari Miller

Brian can help you with any questions around how to progress your digital transformation at this time, from how to prioritise your roadmap, through to managing remote development teams.


Brand & Creative

Jake Welsh — Director, Dept

If you’re launching to a new audience segment, trying to build a brand or need help with your branded comms, Jake is the man to help.



Jonathan Whiteside

Jonathan is our technology expert and can advise you on all areas of your tech stack. Whether you need advice on how to move to a headless architecture, how to integrate your current platforms, how to maximise the benefit of your IT investment, or anything in between, he can help.


Digital Marketing

Lizzie Powell — Strategy Director, Dept

Lizzie is our digital marketing strategy expert. If you need guidance on how to distribute your budget, or which channels will make the biggest difference to your business right now, she can advise.


UX, CRO & Analytics

Kyle Cassidy — Head of UX & Insights, Dept

If you need help to improve the conversion on your website, rapidly provide a better user experience, or just need help translating what the data is telling you, Kyle will be happy to help.

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