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Dept x Bugaboo

Bugaboo: A Salesforce Ecommerce Platform in Record Speed


Launching a global e-commerce solution in only four and a half months in the midst of Black Friday, was like playing with fire. But this is exactly what pushchair innovator Bugaboo and Dept did. And the release, which took place across 24 countries, was one of the best Salesforce launches of the year.

Using Salesforce’s Page Designer feature to launch Bugaboo’s new e-commerce platform enabled the creation of new customer journeys in the blink of an eye. The result? A multi-language and currency webshop which enables Bugaboo’s customers to easily browse products and configure their ideal pushchair. Leading to high customer satisfaction and above market conversion ratios.

During this Dept Talks Live, Tim de Kamper, Commerce Director at Dept, and Thomas Stegelmann, Director Global eCommerce and Integrations at Bugaboo, will delve into the creation of the Bugaboo e-commerce platform. This Dept Talk Live will give brands a rich taste of what happens behind-the-scenes of a global Salesforce Commerce Cloud roll-out. It will also show you how you can grow your business in a foreseeable timeframe, given the rapid time-to-market imperative at the moment. Lastly, at the end of the talk, there will be a live Q&A session.

Tune in live on YouTube on Friday, April 17th at 13:00 BST.


Tim de Kamper — Managing Director, Commerce, Dept

Tim de Kamper has been working in software development and has led teams for the past ten years. He has worked with a wide variety of customers varying from fashion, automotive, publishing, cosmetics, lifestyle, and more. For the last years, Tim entirely focused on Ecommerce implementations for Pan-European and Global customers. During the Dept Talks Live, he will share his latest project with Bugaboo: a Salesforce e-commerce platform in record-speed.



Thomas describes himself as a leader, maker, and hacker. He has a history of leading change, delivering excellent consumer experience, handling complex projects at ease, and building high-performance teams. And that is what Thomas recently has proven at Bugaboo. During the Dept Talks Live, he will show what happened behind-the-scenes of a global Salesforce Commerce Cloud roll-out, but also how you can grow your business in a foreseeable time frame given that flexibility, growth and time to market are high priorities at the moment.

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