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March 10 2020, Manchester

Architecting the Modern Digital Experience


Monolithic architecture is a thing of the past; we’re now in a headless future. Headless technology is quickly becoming the first choice for many organisations seeking to architect an agile and flexible technology stack. From commerce to content management, headless tech is enabling IT and Marketing teams to deliver the digital experiences their business needs and their customers want, across multiple channels, quickly and easily.

Join Dept, Commercetools, Contentful and a host of big brand speakers to find out how headless architecture is the foundation of modern digital experiences. We’ll be joined by Richard Higgins from The Co-Op Group, who will talk about how the Co-op Digital team have moved away from monolithic CMS applications. Plus, we’ll have an exclusive talk and book signing from Matthew Skelton, co-author of ‘Team Topologies: Organizing Business and Technology Teams for Fast Flow’, who’ll share his expertise on managing agile development teams.

Topics we’ll cover include:

  • The highs and lows of implementing headless architectures.
  • How to use ‘team cognitive load’ as the guiding principle for modern software.
  • Plus real-life examples on how headless commerce and content management is helping brands to maximise their IT efforts.
18:45 – 19:15

The Highs & Lows of Implementing Headless Architectures

Jonathan Whiteside

Why re-platform from a monolithic platform to a headless approach? What are the opportunities and where are the risks? Jonathan will talk through some recent highs and lows of implementing headless architectures.

Jonathan’s been part of the tech scene for his whole career, having started off as a web developer before co-founding design & build agency Building Blocks (now Dept) back in 2007. Obsessed with innovation, Jonathan’s creative mind and technology expertise means there’s no technical problem too big or too complex for him to figure out. At Dept, Jonathan focuses on helping organisations become more efficient and effective by using digital technologies.

19:15 – 19:45

How the Co-op Group adopted a modern approach to content management

Richard Higgins — Consultant Architect, The Co-Op Group

In an informative interview, Richard will talk about how the Co-op Digital team have moved away from monolithic CMS applications to a flexible, leaner and more agile way of managing digital content.

Richard is a consultant website architect and developer based in Manchester. He has spent the last few years working with decoupled architectures for organisations including Co-op Digital, University of Bristol, Dolby and Content Design London.

19:45 – 20:15

Team Topologies

Matthew Skelton — Consultant, Conflux

Instead of technology, smart-thinking organisations are beginning with team cognitive load as the guiding principle for modern software. In this talk, Matthew will explain how and why!

Co-author of the acclaimed book Team Topologies, Matthew has been building, deploying, and operating commercial software systems since 1998. Head of Consulting at Conflux, he specialises in organisation dynamics, Continuous Delivery, and operability for software in manufacturing, ecommerce, and online services, including cloud, IoT, and embedded software.

Part of the Digital City Festival, join us at Dept’s office in Manchester on Tuesday 10 March to learn, share and discuss how headless technology and agile delivery can transform your business.