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The Path to Personalisation with Sitecore


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Personalisation is nothing new; the days of being impressed by Amazon recommending a book based on the last one you read has long gone. As consumers increasingly expect their customer experience to be relevant specifically to them, and with pure-play digital giants rising to the challenge rapidly, pressure for businesses to evolve their personalisation strategies is mounting.

Common challenges preventing the application of personalisation strategies have, historically, included a lack of resource and expertise to deliver the amount of content and data analysis needed, lack of process, and legacy technology that wasn’t up to the challenge. Yes, some of these challenges still exist however, the skills, tools and techniques are now widely accessible; if you have the ambition and buy-in to invest, the technology is available to enable success.

This guide, written in collaboration with Sitecore, offers a comprehensive outline to help you differentiate your digital experience with personalisation. Here you’ll find all of the essential ingredients to help you get started, from establishing a strategy and stakeholder team, through to buying journeys, engagement values and using third party data.

17 pages
10 top personalisation tips

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