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Personalise at scale with a multicloud strategy


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In our current digital economy, applications and the vast amount of user information they can collect are valuable capital. With cloud-adoption being a key driver in digital transformation strategies, understanding where the data sits across your cloud architecture can help marketers take their tactics to the next level: personalisation at scale

Multicloud is often perceived as the omnichannel enabler, which makes it simply inevitable for marketers. It gives you everything you need to increase online revenues and customer satisfaction. When done poorly, however, multicloud will lock your customer data in silos and make your IT complex to manage. So, it either limits or enables your ability to integrate and personalise your digital touchpoints. That’s why you need a strategy that combines multiple cloud-services to segment, personalise and analyse in order to create a single customer view and predict customer behaviour.

A multicloud strategy is a collaboration between teams and needs different digital specialisms to create one system. That’s why decisions around the cloud and its applications can’t be made by the IT department alone – the commercial side of the business also needs to have knowledge of the threats and opportunities surrounding managing multiple clouds. Marketers seeking to provide better customer experiences to increase conversions and customer satisfaction will need to figure out how to best use multiple clouds together. Subjects that used to be IT ground – like data availability, integration options and privacy – are now also becoming key talking points for marketing.

This whitepaper is aimed at marketers who realise the importance of data for personalisation and who are currently searching for clear answers about combining data from multiple clouds. You’ll learn the basics of the cloud, unlocking data and enabling personalised digital experiences. Big questions about making or buying multicloud and how to use your customer data are answered step-by-step.You’ll gain the necessary knowledge to steer cloud-decisions towards your marketing goals. This whitepaper is for you, the marketer, to clarify misconceptions surrounding the cloud, and explain the merits for marketing when combining multiple clouds.

Ready to uncloud multicloud and enable personalisation at scale?