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Core Web Vitals: Optimising Websites for Google’s New Ranking Signal


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The Google Core Web Vitals Update will be rolled out from mid-June 2021, introducing page experience as a new ranking factor for organic search. This update is designed to measure how users experience the speed, responsiveness, and visual stability of a page. These new metrics will be factored into Google’s existing algorithm when populating search results, selecting the pages users find most helpful and ranking them on top.

With page experience signals becoming a critical factor in organic search, it’s recommended businesses take urgent action and fix poor user experience on their site to ensure ranking positions are not affected. Providing a positive digital user experience is becoming more tangible to measure; having a direct impact on Google page rankings affecting traffic and, ultimately, influence and revenue. 

We’ve put together an overview of the most important information and included several helpful tips along the way to help you prepare for the update and navigate the new search landscape. We will address the following key questions:

  • What new metrics will the update introduce and how are they measured?
  • Are other metrics becoming obsolete in this context?
  • What are the effects on SEO and website performance?
  • And what should companies do now to be well-positioned for the update?

Download our whitepaper to find out why optimising for page experience has become business-critical and gain actionable insights.