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Transforming legacy systems to improve post-sale services


A leader in the printing sector, Ricoh’s post-sale services are seen as a unique selling point in the market. The key digital aspects of this important differentiator are Ricoh’s Reseller and Business Driver portals, which were in need of a rebuild.

Educate, inspire and engage

Acting as a central gateway for customers to access Ricoh’s tools and materials, the Reseller and Business Driver portals were designed as a way to educate, inspire and motivate a diverse partner channel.

We rebuilt the portals to satisfy the different needs of various Ricoh customers by providing them with critical tools and key information. The goal was to increase sales and build their business, at the same time making sure the portals were built on a new common technology platform, to maximise reuse and minimise development costs.

Minimising Development Costs

We designed and built a new Ricoh Reseller Portal with enhanced tools and information to increase engagement with resellers. This portal now provides users with higher levels of advice, guidance and assistance to help them sell Ricoh products to SME businesses.

Our migration of the Business Driver Portal onto a new system based on an enterprise content management platform meant that content could be localised. The new system also allows Ricoh to tailor the user journey for two different customer types that we identified in our research.

The solution now provides education on the features and business benefits Ricoh’s digital printers can bring, and how businesses can use the technology to deliver a more efficient service to their own customers.

While providing the benefits of a consistent layout and structure, we also enabled each individual country’s operating company the power to create their own content and manage their own portal and reseller data.

Working with the Client's core values in mind

It was important to Ricoh that the work we did for them had their core value in mind: “Solutions that use innovative thinking to help people enjoy life in a sustainable, better-protected environment”.

To support in-house print departments, we also created a web-based calculator that enabled the user to build a strong, evidence-based business case of the value printing in-house can bring to their organisation. This tool also helped users to visually understand the CO2 emission footprint of their printing operations to highlight the importance of lowering environmental impact.

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