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Supporting customers online to boost offline sales

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Dutch bicycle manufacturer Gazelle is the leading manufacturer in its home country, and operates in eleven markets across Europe, Australia and North America. In the last 127 years, the company has evolved into a global multi-million dollar corporation that designs and sells stylish, safe and comfortable bikes. However, the company did not want to stop there and aspired to help consumers during the orientation and inspiration process by enabling them to experience their available products. Together with Dept, they created an online scheduling tool and altered their marketing strategy to reflect this new service.

Empowering individuals to try-out the product

Choosing the right bike for you isn’t as simple as one might expect. From frame size to extra features, it can be difficult to know what you need. Gazelle wanted to help people navigate this web of choices by empowering individuals to talk to an expert in-store and try out their wide selection of high-quality bikes, including e-bikes. To make this possible, they opened multiple experience centres in the Netherlands and Germany, created an online scheduling tool for their website, and changed their marketing strategy to raise awareness about this new service. Dept supported Gazelle every step of the way.


Uniting offline and online offerings

Creating an MVP

Our team started by selecting and implementing an appointment tool on the Gazelle website which was not only easy to implement and use, but also matched the look and feel of the brand’s website. After quickly getting an MVP up and running on the company’s website, we proceeded to continuously test and optimise this tool based on feedback and customer data. At the same time, together with Gazelle, our team redesigned the brand’s Experience Centre pages, their Product Detail pages and Product Overview pages, to ensure the ‘book an appointment’ functionality was integrated into the right part of the customer journey.

Revamping Gazelle’s marketing strategy

Once this feature was available to use on Gazelle’s website, the brand wanted to raise awareness and push traffic towards this tool. This resulted in a change in their digital marketing strategy across multiple levels in the customer journey. Our team facilitated this process by updating the company’s target list, ad copy, landing pages, site links, and bidding for Google ads. We also added new targeting methods such as local search ads. For example, if a user is in Google Maps, they will be shown a tailored ad based on their location which will take them directly to a page where they can book an appointment. This increased the number of appointments booked by 32%. Local targeting was implemented on Facebook as well.

Uniting design and technology

Studies show that people who get to try out a product before buying it are more likely to make a purchase. The collaboration between Dept and Gazelle proved just that. Once the scheduling tool was in place, online sales remained stable while conversions from the in-store trial option nearly doubled and total sales grew. By working across departments and uniting both marketing, design and technology, Gazelle was able to better connect its online presence to its offline offerings.

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