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LEONINE Distribution GmbH

Making Amazon’s Best Seller list using all of the platform’s tools


In recent years, films such as Quentin Tarantino’s ‘The Hateful 8’, Oliver Stone’s ‘Snowden’ and ;Rambo: Last Blood’ have been released via LEONINE Distribution GmbH (formerly known as Universum Films). They wanted to use Amazon Ads to optimise all of their available titles and partnered with factor-a (part of Dept) to make this a reality. The company wanted to boost their visibility and sales rate of their DVDs and BlueRays on Amazon.

Using all of Amazon’s tools

In order to make this a reality, our team used Sponsored Product campaigns, Product Display Ads and Sponsored Brands up until the release of a movie. We would feature pre-release ad copy to bring attention to upcoming titles such as “pre-order the best movies of the year”. After a film had been released, campaigns were edited to make customers aware that the item is now available. As time went on and a title lost its relevance it would be removed from the main focus segment. These films would then only be supported with ongoing automatic campaigns.


Grow LEONINE’s brand awareness via Amazon

A tailored approach for Universum

Our aim was to grow LEONINE’s brand awareness by implementing Sponsored Brands (SBs) and Product Display Ads (PDAs). SBs appear above Amazon search results and convey a brand message along with selected products. PDAs, on the other hand, make users aware of alternatives when browsing, for instance, another product’s detail page. By utilising Sponsored Products (SPs), we pushed new sales directly.

The campaigns were set up with various keyword optimisation strategies to cover all scenarios and maximise success:

  • Generic keywords: non-specific keywords that are relevant for the product, such as ‘drama movie’ or the leading actors’ names. These are meant to convert users that are interested in something but do not yet know exactly what they are looking for.
  • Defensive keywords: keywords specific to the advertised product such as ‘Babylon Berlin’, ‘Universum Films movies’ (now ‘LEONINE movies’). These keywords protect the brand and/or product from competitors displaying ads when customers make these specific searches.
  • Competitor keywords: keywords specific to a competitor brand such as ‘Warner Brothers movies’ or ‘Red Sparrow DVD’. These keywords provide alternatives to users searching for specific competitor products with the goal of converting them for your own products instead.
  • Automatic: Amazon’s algorithm automatically selects keywords that match the product in question and the most relevant queries users enter in the search bar.


By strategically using various Amazon marketing tools such as Sponsored Product Campaigns and Sponsored Brands we were able to boost LEONINE’s brand visibility and sales. Our work with the company is still ongoing. However, our initial strategy has worked successfully and has generated to date:

  • 132 Mio. Impressions
  • 12,5% Average Advertising Cost of Sale (ACoS)
  • 0,11€ Average CPC (Cost per Click)

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