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Not your average banking website


Kempen was originally founded in the Netherlands in 1903, and today offers Capital Management and Corporate Finance to international sectors, such as real estate and life sciences. The corporate banking world is known to be conservative when it comes to innovative, forward-thinking design. So when Kempen invited Dept to design and build their new website, we rose to the challenge.

Stand out and make an impact fitted in perfectly with other B2B banking websites. So, in order to create an impactful, working website to help them stand out, all elements had to come together seamlessly. That’s always a challenge, but especially this time considering there were three agencies involved with their respective specialties, pedigree and focus: KesselsKramer for brand positioning, identity and concept; Van Santen & Bolleurs for photography of the main images; Dept for website concept, design, animations and technical development.


An eclectic blend: haute finance boutique

The starting point for the website was the new brand positioning that KesselsKramer helped Kempen develop. Based on that, we started to use the term “haute finance boutique”. We wanted to blend that traditional, elegant style with a feel of dedication, innovation, internationalism and some Dali style surrealism.

The still life photography Van Santen & Bolleurs made is essential in this. We added subtle animations to the photos to convey the story to the visitor in an engaging, chic way.


A beautiful website that works

From day one, it was our vision to build a focused, high-quality website that makes an impact when people visit it, yet without losing its refinement. Concept, copy, brand design, visual design, interaction design, photography and animations all came together in a rare collaboration between three different agencies.

All teams worked within their own discipline and respected each other’s expertise, with the goal of creating something for the client that is truly unique in the corporate banking world. Judging by the response at Kempen, we achieved that goal.

After this creative process, the focus will move to a more business-driven approach. The next phase will involve implementing Salesforce, a client portal and more data-driven features and campaigns to make a beautiful website that creates business, and adds value for their clients.

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