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CARU Containers

Driving digital innovation with Contentful & Salesforce


CARU Containers is one of the go-to companies when businesses are looking to purchase or lease a shipping container. With 200 depots worldwide and offices in Europe, Asia and the US, CARU Containers aims to offer simple, effective shipping solutions, whatever the needs and budget of the business. In the shipping container sector, company differentiation is driven by the surrounding services and digital capabilities of each company. This means staying ahead of the game, ensuring that renting or buying a container is a simple process across multiple touchpoints, and that the customer can effectively and efficiently manage the process.

From goals to transformation

Spotting an opportunity to innovate in the conservative transport and logistics sector, Dept and CARU Containers started the partnership by answering the following question: how can we transform a traditionally closed market into something which is innovative, accessible, modern and transparent?

The key goals of the digital transformation were to build out a smart online marketing function, establish a user friendly e-commerce site, and to improve CARU’s data collection and application capabilities. Each development needed to play to the strengths of the remodeled CARU Containers brand, its uncomplicated offering, and ability to match any business’s requirements.


a modern & accessible experience

New B2B online store

The first goal was to build a new B2B webshop for the Dutch, Belgian and French markets. From a user perspective, the e-commerce site needed to be transparent and clear around what the CARU Containers proposition is, to have a modern look and feel, and to provide easy to understand information. On the financial side, the site had to increase the number of transactions and grow revenue.

Easy updates were also a priority, with the ability to monitor the site analytics and quickly improve existing content based on insights gathered from the collected data.


Building the site with Contentful

Choosing a content management system (CMS) means comparing the needs of the business with each platforms’ strengths and weaknesses. Contentful matched up well with CARU Containers’ aims, due to its headless architecture and integration with Salesforce, a existing technology partner of CARU Containers.

The headless architecture guaranteed a scalable SaaS solution, an agile platform to match any shift in the market. Salesforce integration enables CARU to maximise its use of Salesforce’s cloud services, including Pardot B2B marketing automation platform. Each user’s orders are automatically loaded into Salesforce, beginning with the creation of their customer account, tracking the process all the way through the purchasing journey.

Content pages were created to tell the story of the company, the employees, and each product. Displayed content dynamically adapts to the language and country of each visitor, allowing one site to match up with an international audience.

Continuous monitoring

The new CARU website was continuously monitored by Dept, an ongoing process of analysing customer trends and tracking how the site was used. Collection is nothing without interpretation; the data team used insights from this data capture to plan the typical journey of a potential customer and optimise how CARU’s marketing campaigns communicate with unconverted customers through online advertising.

Monitoring also included the use of A/B testing to continuously improve the platform. These optimisations included the addition of WhatsApp customer service, a proactive live chat feature providing customer support, pop-up reviews onsite for viewed products, and FAQ features on product pages.

During the six month period of analysis and improvement, conversion grew by 400%, a sizable improvement that any company would be happy to see.



Order containers worldwide with CARU

In collaboration with Dept, the new CARU Containers site launched across the Netherlands, Belgium and France, followed by further rollout into other territories. The new site also launched the refreshed CARU brand, supported by surrounding content for social sharing and digital advertising: whitepapers, listicles, infographics and interviews. This content suite gave CARU positioning on Linkedin, Google Ads, Microsoft Ads and the Google Display network.

Forerunner in the online container market

This project shows that it is possible for a seemingly rigid sector to embrace digital transformation and grow their market through an innovative attitude. Through regular collaboration, Dept’s multidisciplinary team took a pragmatic, data driven approach that accelerated growth, increased turnover and allowed the CARU brand to flourish.

The new site has rolled out to seven more countries in 2020, increasing access to the CARU Containers e-commerce site. A new portal for US customers is also in development, providing an opportunity to tailor the site to the needs of a specific market, boosted by the headless capabilities of Contentful.

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