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Imperial Brands

Centralising multi-market, multilingual brand sites

markets worldwide

Over the past 100 years, Imperial Brands (formerly Imperial Tobacco Group) has established itself as one of the world’s leading producers of high quality tobacco products. Imperial’s brands and products are available in over 160 countries, but were being managed in a decentralised way.  Imperial wanted to centralise its digital content, and asked Dept to help them.

Scalable and Efficient

Imperial Brands has a diverse and fragmented brand offering worldwide. Prior to this project, the brand sites were managed independently, on different platforms. This decentralised approach resulted in fragmented brand equity, with no control or visibility over site content, consumer communication and user data. This decentralised and disparate approach was leading to multiple, escalating digital budget requirements.

Imperial Brands needed a centralised content management solution that was scalable. It needed an efficient platform to enable regular updates by multiple users across many countries, whilst addressing the legal boundaries which differ from country to country.

moving all brand sites onto a single platform

Sitecore was selected at the technology platform, and the build was exclusively implemented by Dept, including UX consultancy, technical architecture, front end development, back end development, testing and deployment.

Sitecore has enabled the centralisation of multi-country, multi-language brand sites onto a single platform. The solution takes advantage of Sitecore’s capabilities to support all of these requirements. For example, it has the ability to host multiple websites within a single instance of Sitecore, and enables regionalised instances of sites across multiple regions/languages for each brand, whilst being edited from a central point. The implemented solution uses Sitecore Dictionary and built-in translation handling functionality to store translated versions of common text for use across regionalised site instances.

A consistent reason to return

Prior to the Sitecore solution, Imperial Brands’ consumers had no real reason to come back to the sites. The sites had no dynamic content which could be refreshed regularly, easily and at low cost. The solution Dept delivered has enabled Imperial Brands’ market teams to deliver personal, localised and relevant content with the central marketing team retaining control.

Previously, the worldwide sites looked different with no uniform brand offering. Imperial are rolling out global builds, so that no matter where you are in the world, if you visit the sites you will see the latest, consistent branding. Users now experience a site which is delivering the essence of the brand, enhanced with relevant, localised content.

Personalised Experiences

Imperial Brands can now personalise the user experience. It tailors content based on past interaction to provide a much richer and more relevant customer experience. For example, it can communicate with the user in real time to invite them to participate in off-site interaction with a specific, time-based offline activity. lt can also drive and track consumers from online to offline events and back again, rewarding them with loyalty-based programs. The solution enables the triggering of onsite banners and emails as consumers work their way through the loyalty program and become ambassadors of the brand.

Happy Stakeholders

Imperial Brands’ business users ‘in market’ can now upload their own country-specific content and activation, whilst utilising its global dynamic to continually engage consumers.

They can also utilise consumer data to target specific local promotions. The marketers can now use the platform to deliver global, unified brand equity and promotions, whilst gaining key consumer insight and data. The central marketing team has constant visibility of market uploads, which means they can ensure the brand is represented correctly across all of Imperial’s digital touchpoints.


The project exceeded all targets set by the business, many by a considerable margin, within the first month of launch. By successfully delivering and exceeding its KPIs, the solution Dept implemented has helped to demonstrate the power of digital to the wider business and secured further investment into this solution in the future.


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