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Lloyd's Register Insight

Bringing Insight to life

Insight is Lloyd’s Register’s globally distributed, periodical magazine for business leaders and industry experts. It features news, trends, opinions and thought-leadership pieces for the marine, energy and transportation sectors. Traditionally a print-based periodical, as part of its digital transformation, Lloyd’s Register wanted to release the magazine in a digital format. Dept teamed up with Lloyd’s Register to realise this digital transformation.

Reinventing Insight

Lloyd’s Register wanted the new digital Insight to demonstrate innovation, work offline and not to need dedicated resource to manage. They also wanted it to allow for automatic distribution to subscribers, and to make use of investment they were making in digital in other areas of the business. So, our reinvention of Insight as a digital publication had to add convenience for Lloyd’s Register’s key audience, whilst being a more engaging, interactive version of the print edition.

The Creation of a Hybrid Mobile App was the key to success

We built a hybrid mobile app for download onto mobile devices using an existing commercial framework. This allowed us to combine the power, stability and speed of a native app and the flexibility of HTML5. This flexibility gave us plenty of scope for personalisation, interactivity, readability and search, as well as the reuse of content across different channels.

The digitised edition features consisted of automatic regular updates, a CMS Connector, customised and branded iOS/Android app, links to live content, analytics, video and social integration.

To make the system easy for Lloyd’s Register, we chose a platform that would require minimal ongoing technical efforts. The framework that we customised integrates well with the CMS, has an effective subscription process and requires no special knowledge to publish on.'s Register Insight 1.png's Register Insight-2.png

A digital experience for Lloyd’s register’s users

The Results

The result is an effective digital publication built to fit Lloyd’s Register’s needs. By digitising its Insight publication, Lloyd’s Register has benefited in multiple ways:

  • Reduced costs – lower overheads mean cost savings.
  • Analytics – app stats provide useful data.
  • Push updates – subscribed audience automatically receives new editions.
  • Use existing skills – new issues only require existing capabilities.
  • Content reuse – easy to repurpose content created for other channels.
  • Rich media – video, audio and other interactive features can be embedded.
  • Subscriptions – generate revenue through online subscriptions.
  • Brand reinforcement – supports Lloyd’s Register’s commitment to technological innovation.

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