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Professional Services

A Sitecore site for global growth


A global professional services company with an annual revenue of over $150 million, turned to Dept to help it optimise the potential of its digital channels. Dept was selected to create the strategy, design and build for its .com site. Our teams were quick to embrace the opportunity of reinventing their digital presence.

During the Discovery Phase, Dept explored the organisational challenges and highlighted certain issues found during the audit. For example, Dept found that users were entering a service category but then exiting the site through another opposing one; this nonlinear browsing pattern suggested users were confused by overlapping service descriptions. Another issue found during the website audit was that it had an outdated and unscalable architecture, which meant it was not responsive on various screen sizes and, most importantly, there was no integration with a CRM.

An Integrated Web Experience

The website is a knowledge gateway that provides access to the thoughts, opinions and service offerings for users of varying business units. The goal of this project was to evolve the website to become a fully responsive and optimised, delivering a more relevant and personalised experience for users in order to increase enquiries. 

The key business goal for the website was to provide an integrated, responsive web experience, which optimises the user journey by leveraging the underlying Sitecore technology. This project provided the opportunity to upgrade from Sitecore 6 to Sitecore 8.

Sitecore XP 8.x has the ability to integrate three key capabilities: combining robust content management with contextual intelligence about the customer, and omnichannel automation to deliver content wherever the customer is. Sitecore XP enables marketers to engage in context of each customer’s interaction to offer more relevant, personalised experiences, all with an improved UI that’s far easier for marketers to work than previous versions. 

Enhancing the Functionality

After reviewing the existing components, Dept proposed a number of new components to improve and enhance the functionality across the website. Dept wireframed the site structure with 40 new components that would provide a better user experience and offer additional business control. 

Further to that, Dept removed redundant components that could be served by the new ones, taking into account how they could work responsively on smaller screen sizes. A key consideration for the UX team was to ensure that any new functionality was still in keeping with the look and feel of the website.

A website to reflect global growth

Going live in 5 Languages

A key goal of this project was to implement a solution for multiple languages for the new .com website. With the Sitecore platform, the business has the ability to centralise multi-language brand sites onto a single platform, maximising the reuse of all the .com components. The site has gone live in English,  Spanish, Dutch, Japanese and Mandarin, all of which were built underneath the global site as subdirectories and share a consistent look and feel.

Dept team collab

With multiple project streams running in parallel, the client benefited from working with the same core Dept team throughout. Having built up an in-depth knowledge of the client’s business and digital infrastructure, it made sense for the Dept Digital Operations Services (DOS) team to work on a continued basis with them, maintaining and improving the site on a consistent bases. 

Dept’s DOS team can accommodate swift maintenance changes and enhancements to clients’ websites and digital solutions. With particular in-depth expertise on Sitecore and .NET, the DOS team plays a key part in the delivery and maintenance of the site.


The relaunch of the .com site was a great success and exceeded all targets set by the business. The client now has a strong centralised base for its .com site, with four additional language subdirectories, helping the business to penetrate its operating markets with localised, relevant content. The improvements to the site have given the client more control of its digital presence, allowing them to segment users by their intent to drive future personalisation.

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