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Known Nutrition

A rapid direct-to-consumer launch

Shopify site

With over 40 years’ experience in the B2B health and wellbeing sector, the entrepreneurs behind Known Nutrition were keen to launch a proposition direct to consumers. Launched during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, Known Nutrition is dedicated to providing high quality immunity vitamins at an affordable price. It turned to Dept to help them build an e-commerce website and launch the new brand.

Brand Strategy

Dept worked with the Known Nutrition team to build a brand from scratch and define its go-to-market strategy: 

  • Consumer research: a bespoke survey was created to gain insight and opinions from users of immunity supplements. The survey group was composed of 170 UK and Ireland residents, evenly split in gender and varying in age from 18-50. This generated valuable information around consumption patterns and preferences, purchase behaviour, brand expectations, and interpretations of industry terms such as ‘immunity’.  
  • Competitor research: Dept conducted a creative audit analysing direct and indirect competitors, paying attention to how each brand represents itself online, as well as its use of trends and content. Through this research, a document was generated reviewing brand proposition, USPs and tone of voice, logos, colour palette, typography and photography style. 
  • Plan of action: Dept led a discovery workshop with the client to understand their vision of success and created a pathway to achieve it. Based on our findings, combined with the company’s vision and expertise, we created a launch strategy to help Known Nutrition maximise its D2C opportunity.

Accelerating brand creation amid Covid-19

Brand Strategy

Branding was created to present Known Nutrition to the world in a way that reflects the business’s scientific approach and innovative spirit. Dept designers produced creative assets that are highly adaptable to evolve with the company.  Consistency was crucial, as the brand plans to expand into subdivisions whilst establishing a recognisable brand persona. 

A logo and watermark were designed with instructions for spacing and alignment. This takes into account adding subtext and colour variations for contextual backgrounds without compromising visibility. 

Colour palettes were created to underpin the company identity. For the overarching brand, a variation of blue described as “the colour of the sky on a clear day” was chosen as the main colour. Working in harmony, the cleansing colours represent successful beginnings and renewal, to depict the types of products Known Nutrition is bringing to market. A secondary colour collection was created for the product range; bright earthy tones, known to stimulate appetite, were selected to visibly resonate with consumers. Packaging designs using metallic foil and pearlescent packaging were mocked-up to demonstrate design proof of concept. 

Brand typography was specified with a variety of font styles and text hierarchy to be adapted across digital and print mediums. 

Imagery can have a huge impact on e-commerce purchasing decisions and, when used properly, instill consumer trust. We introduced a set of rules for a white background and how to use a grid approach to create a well-balanced composition. Photography guidelines were also included for capturing lifestyle and product images. 

Shopify e-commerce solution

Shopify e-commerce platform was chosen as the best approach to get Known set up and trading online fast. Dept developers selected the no-fuss platform with a plethora of tools built-in, including payment gateways, upselling options, customer service, inventory management and hosting. It ticked all of the boxes, with further features to unlock as the business scales, such as multi-channel selling, marketing, and search engine optimisation (SEO). Dept rapidly implemented the platform to get Known up and running, fast.

The foundations for D2C success

The creators of Known Nutrition pivoted from many years in a B2B wholesale environment to creating a consumer-facing brand and launching an e-commerce storefront in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic. They had a strong vision and we’re proud to have made it a reality. 

This was a rapid project, delivered in just twelve weeks. We never let quality take a back seat at crunch time; we had our most talented craftsmen on the job, researching, strategising, designing, developing, testing and managing. We love working collaboratively with passionate entrepreneurs and it’s projects like these that keep us on our toes and unleash our agile ways of working. We can’t wait to see what Known accomplishes now they’re equipped with the technology, design and strategy for success.