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Dept has teamed up with Salesforce to develop a quick-launch commerce solution that enables brands to be up and running with a fully-functioning e-commerce site in  a matter of weeks.

For those who have already taken the step into direct-to-consumer, you may now be assessing its long term viability and looking to cement it into your business model and future roadmap. You may have seen great success and now want to launch internationally, or you may be looking at developing a 360 view of your new customer base.  Either way, whether you’re just starting out or looking to develop your offering, agility and speed-to-market is paramount. Every day missed is a day of missed revenue. 

So, how do you quickly start selling online and grow revenue, increase brand awareness and build one-to-one relationships to increase customer satisfaction?

Contact us today to arrange a demo of our quick launch commerce solution and you could be up and running in just three weeks.