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News October 08, 2020

Next step in Denmark for digital powerhouse Dept


Today, strategic design agency Sorthvid announced that they will fully integrate into one of Europe’s leading digital agencies; Dept. Since March 2020, when Sorthvid became part of Dept, the teams have been working together for clients like GANNI, Magasin, Gant and Pandora.

In a world that stays at home, COVID-19 has pushed the fast-forward button on online consumer behaviour and sentiment. Dept looks at this as an opportunity for both Danish and international brands to build and accelerate their digital business. Rebranding Sorthvid is the next step in integration and pulls together the experience of the 50+ Dept digital marketing experts in Denmark with the design and technology power of the Sorthvid team. Combined, they are on track for 20% organic revenue growth in 2020, even amid the pandemic slowdown.

“Back in March, obviously, we thought; how do you start working together when our whole world is changing? But solving our clients’ challenges is still our main priority, and it’s great to see how easy it is to integrate our services – even while being physically separated. Therefore it feels like a logical next step to rebrand, both for our clients and the team,” says Jonas Roland Therkildsen, Managing Director at Sorthvid.

During the last six months, both teams showed that they are able to react fast. For example, they have helped the Danish fashion brand GANNI to launch a digital showroom in six weeks time, enabling them to present their newest collection to buyers since the Covid-19 lock down made it impossible for them to host fashion shows and meetings. Dept and Sorthvid have also worked together across borders to design and launch a new website for, creating a unique online shopping experience. But also on the digital marketing side of the business, with clients like JYSK and Steelseries, both teams show that they were able to help navigate clients through the new normal.

Dimi Albers, CEO Dept: “It is impressive to see how we’ve helped so many Danish and international brands accelerate their digital business over the last few months. Combining creativity, technology and data in an integrated manner for our clients in Denmark is proving its effectiveness and impact. This next step makes it easier for clients to navigate our service portfolio, and makes us one of the leading agencies in the Danish market.”


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