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Digital Marketing February 28, 2019

Infographic: Google Shopping Campaigns


Wondering how you can make your Google Shopping Campaigns even more powerful? Having trouble generating new traffic to your site? We got you covered! Have a look at the infographic below which we created in cooperation with our partner DataFeedWatch to give your campaigns a boost without raising click bids.

With Google Shopping, customers can search for products and compare prices. Google Shopping Campaigns are different from Google Search Campaigns, meaning you should approach them differently too. Understanding the differences between these Google services will help you get out the most of your campaigns, increase impressions, and ultimately lead to increased sales. We show what you are missing out in your Google Shopping Campaigns by first contrasting Google Shopping Campaigns against Google Search Campaigns, and then elaborating on the factors you can use to shift your Shopping Ads’ performance through optimizing your product feed.

This guide will help you make the most of your Google Shopping Campaigns by suggesting ways to integrate feed management tools through DataFeedWatch’s structure recommendations.The infographic also offers a useful overview on how to create the optimal Google Shopping Title. Download the infographic and get the latest best practice tips from the industry experts.

Get the infographic here

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