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News September 05, 2018

Dept launches innovative newsletter via WhatsApp

Dept Agency WhatsApp Newsletter

Dozens of newsletters, accumulated in our inboxes. A familiar scenario for many of us. Starting this month, Dept has launched a new version: a newsletter including everything that has to do with tech, creative, apps, and culture, but as a WhatsApp message. Quite convenient.

Employees at Dept indicated that they wanted to launch an innovative and faster version of the regular newsletter, which was still only sent by email. The reason for this was that newsletters would usually quickly be lost in the mailbox. In addition, there are countless websites with the latest important news for employees in our industry, but none that filter, collect and send the most important news of the week to you via WhatsApp.

Signing up is simple: Dept asks interested people to add +31 6 13 65 67 94 to their contacts and save the number as Dept Digital Updates. When they send ‘Start’ to the number in WhatsApp, an overview of the latest news is sent to them every Tuesday. Unsubscribing is also straightforward: with the message ‘stop’, messages will cease to be sent. With this new step, Dept wants to provide other agencies, industry employees and anyone interested with specific news and useful ideas.

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