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Technology & Engineering November 17, 2017

Breaking down Translation Barriers with Global Content Management Solutions


With rapid global expansion, today’s enterprises need optimised processes for creating, managing and localising content. Integrating content management and translation management into a single solution allows organisations to go global faster. Figureheads of global organisations understand that exceptional digital experiences require firmer control over the entire digital content lifecycle.

SDL Tridion’s Global Content Management Solution

Addressing this need, our technology partner, SDL Tridion, has announced two revolutionary offerings in their portfolio of technology solutions: SDL Global Digital Experience Solution and SDL Global Knowledge Delivery Solution. Both combine best-in-class content management and translation management technology. By adopting a single solution, SDL is supporting global organisations to automatically trigger translation processes, monitor progress, review and publish new content.

Translation Challenges for Global Companies

A Forrester report commissioned by SDL Tridion exposes some of the digital difficulties for global enterprises. 92% of companies face challenges as they translate content into different languages and only 29% integrate their content management system with a translation management system or language service provider, resulting in manual processes which leave room for human error.

For example, the majority of companies surveyed have five or more content repositories. Others have even more, which can make it difficult to find content at speed, and as a result, slows down productivity. Additionally, very few CMS systems integrate some type of language translation tool. While tool such as Google Translate are useful, a deeper integration can make a dramatic difference.This matters for many companies that find themselves with a growing international audience.

The report also provides evidence that 48% of business and IT professionals planning to move to a global content operating model within the next 2 years, it is clear that organisations today recognise that global content plays a crucial role in driving superior experiences all digital touchpoints.


Content and Language at the Heart of Customer Communication

SDL Tridion’s new, integrated solutions address these issues and deliver greater efficiency, brand consistency and content quality.

“Content and language are at the heart of customer communication. For our customers it’s imperative that technology helps them navigate the complexity of managing content and translation processes to reach global audiences and deliver locally relevant experiences. SDL Tridion’s approach makes this possible for them, supporting their global growth.”

SDL Tridion Global Digital Experience Features

SDL Global Digital Experience Solution provides the following web content management and translation management capabilities:

  • Create consistent global digital experiences for your brand
  • Give web editors full control of what content is displayed across all channels and devices
  • Manage and automate translation and review processes in the context of a web page with advanced translation job control, translation review and translation preview
  • Apply personalisation and targeting to create relevant, personal connections
  • Use BluePrinting, a content dependency model that lets you reuse, adapt, synchronise and localise content

The solution includes a package of 2 million translated words using advanced machine translation plus a package of human translated words equivalent to 8 average local country websites. As a result, SDL Global Digital Experience Solution provides unparalleled process efficiencies and more effective customer communication on a global scale. It speeds up time to market for time-critical content and ensures ongoing content quality and consistency.

SDL Tridion Global Knowledge Delivery Features

SDL Global Knowledge Delivery Solution provides the following technical content management and translation management capabilities:

  • Easy what-you-see-is-what-you-get authoring of DITA based technical content
  • Provide authors with direct access to advanced translation capabilities, using both machine and human translation
  • Use Baselining and advanced versioning for long-term structural integrity of your publication
  • Publish content automatically into any destination format
  • SDL Global Knowledge Delivery Solution includes a package of advanced machine translation and human translated words, similar to SDL Global Digital Experience Solution.
  • SDL Global Knowledge Delivery Solution radically changes how organisations manage technical content on a global scale. It helps them to deliver quality technical documentation and support content anywhere in the world, in any language, on any device much faster than before and at lower cost.

Global Content Management with SDL Tridion

SDL Tridion has a long history of providing innovative solutions for organisations dealing with multilingual content. Approximately 70% of translators worldwide use SDL technology for their day to day translation work, and the world’s largest enterprises rely on SDL for translation technology and services. With 1,172 in-country translators across 38 countries, SDL Tridion offers the largest number of on-site, full-time linguists in the industry.

The company’s translation experts can reflect the characteristics and nuances of different market segments, trends and the specialised requirements of specific verticals. In addition, SDL Tridion has 39 patents for machine translation related technologies. All of this expertise and technology is embedded in the new solutions, ensuring that companies gain access to state-of-the-art translation solutions.

Global SDL Tridion Partner Awarded ‘Most Implementations’

We’ve been partners with SDL for over 10 years and are proud to be awarded ‘Most Implementations’ of their software. If your enterprise already uses SDL, or if you are looking to explore opportunities with the software, get in touch with our experts at Dept who will be happy to talk through your digital project.

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