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At Dept, we believe that digital business transformation and digital business acceleration is best achieved with a carefully selected team that runs like a well-oiled machine. This is why we have got successful digital team creation down to a fine art.

We would welcome the opportunity to strategise with you on how to future-proof your business. We can help by offering a smart mix of technology, people and processes. We will collaborate with you and effectively combine creativity, technology and data to ensure your digital transformation is successful. This may seem ambitious, but we are very experienced in what we do. We are adept at matching the right people from our network to the right people on the client side so that successful, multidisciplinary teams are built. And these teams have the right mindset for achieving fast results.

The Dept process

People generally face two challenges when trying to build a team: they are under time pressure to get started as soon as possible, but also need to make sure they have the right mix of team members. We are very transparent in our collaboration with clients, which ensures we strike the right balance between speed and excellence. We offer scalability and have a network of specialists, allowing us to build a team in a very short time frame. After all, well begun is half done.

We ensure each team has a clearly defined objective before the start of the project and we create a culture that encourages collaboration between designers, developers and marketers. We know that success depends on the continuous management of these digital teams, and not just on the initial start-up phase. This approach achieves the best results, which is why we continuously monitor the process, the people and the results throughout the project. We offer our clients a wide range of strategy and innovation services that include everything from short design sprints to comprehensive strategy projects.

Dept does so much more than just provide the expertise you require – we manage fully functioning digital teams.

Our Work

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