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Content Creation


Smart performance marketing ensures that you reach your target audience. But to really engage with them you need powerful content. Content powered by relevance.

At Dept we combine the talent of our content creatives with the extensive knowledge of our data professionals. The result is that we can deliver powerful content for your brand, plus the expertise to market it properly. Your audience receives content relevant to them, which simultaneously optimises your brand identity.


Successful campaigns start with a story that sparks the interest of the audience. An audience that is above all, very diverse. That expects personalised content they can actually engage with. That is why our content marketers focus not only on the content but also on excellent targeting via outstanding campaigns.


Trends in content marketing come and go. Just because something is the next big thing, doesn’t necessarily mean that it is also the next (and only) big thing for your brand. Of course, keeping an eye on what works and what is happening at the moment is necessary in order to stay at the top. But let’s not forget that whatever expression, tool or medium you use, its success depends on creative, engaging and relevant content.


Day in, day out, we create content for awesome brands. This goes from social content, to brand stories, from dynamic banners to interactive visuals and homepage takeovers. Our strength lies in our ability to combine data with creativity. We start with an in-depth analysis of the figures, which provide the basis for the concepts we develop. Afterwards, we bring the concept to life using photography, video, graphic design, animation and/or text to make it the best of its kind.

The goal of all this? To create and market funny, touching or beautiful content that engages. That strikes people in the heart so they share it with their friends, or have a party in the comments section. That brings your target audience closer to your brand identity. After all, how you communicate with your crowd determines your identity as a brand.


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