Content marketing; everyone’s doing it, but few are doing it well. Between all the social media platforms, newsletters, blog stories, e-books, whitepapers and videos, there’s a lot of content out there. And the truth is that only a small fraction of it ever gets read.

For brands and organisations, the difference between getting noticed and sticking out lies in providing the right content for the right audience. After all, knowing who you’re speaking to is the first rule of content marketing. Beyond that, there’s the power to create trending and highly shareable content. That way, whatever you’re creating has the best chance of reaching your audience.

How we can help

We map your content marketing strategy and take it to the next level. All to help you reach your business goals. The goal is to stand out, not add to the noise. That’s why we combine our skills (SEO/keyword research, customer journey mapping, social listening, data, data, data) to find the topics and questions that are on the minds of your customers and prospects. We help you to create a content calendar that allows you to stay organised and on top of your tasks.

Our team of experienced journalists, editors and creatives will bring your content marketing to the next level. They know how to tell a story from the perspective of a target group instead of just from a marketing perspective. They know what good research is all about. And they know that by creating content that helps your audience, you will become a trusted source of information that’s useful, relevant and meaningful.

Common deliverables include blog posts, news articles, whitepapers, infographics, videos, image series, content sponsorships, status updates, graphics, animations, and podcasts. With a wealth of options, there’s bound to be a type of content that meets your needs—and, vitally, that meets the needs of your customers and prospects.

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