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Comparison Shopping Service (CSS)

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With our own Comparison Shopping Service (CSS) site you can run shopping ads with higher effective bids and lower click prices.

Being present on Comparison Shopping Services (CSS) is increasingly important as it is a convenient and transparent way for consumers to purchase goods. Thus, it is a rapidly growing marketing channel. The hard part, however, is being there at the right moment with a product advertisement tailored to the request. We get that this may sound easier than it seems. That’s why we apply our knowledge and experience to offer you a very broad range of competencies and provide you with an actual power tool to boost performance.

Higher effectiveness of your Shopping budget and test advantages

You want to be sure that your digital marketing budget is used for optimal results and not burned for a margin. With our CSS solution, we can ensure that you get the most out of your Shopping budget. Contrary to Google’s own CSS that cuts 20% of your bid as a fee, every cent you spend on our CSS goes directly to securing you high visibility. For the same investment, you will, therefore, get further exposure and thus more traffic to your website. Alternatively, you can save on your marketing investments, and keep the same exposure as you have today. Lastly, running Shopping in a parallel setup both via the Google and Dept CSS provides you with a much better opportunity for testing changes to your product feed – like new images or titles.

Our Dept Process

Exploring new ways in the digital world is an indispensable component of success. With online comparison shopping taking a bigger and bigger part of consumption one thing is clear: managing this vital sales channel in the best way possible, is key to succeeding in your online marketing activities.

Dept is an official CSS partner operating for more than 100+ clients with our full-service CSS solution. We handle the entire campaign setup as well as optimisation and provide you with transparent, and consolidated reporting overview of your Shopping performance.

Our fully integrated solution permits to test e.g. new feed titles and bid management strategies without any risk.

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