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Creating innovative marketing campaigns throughout the customer journey with YouTube Ads

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YouTube is the largest online video platform and the world’s second most popular website, with more than two billion users logging in on a weekly basis. The amount of content is near-infinite, as shown by the fact that more than one hour of content is uploaded every second and four billion videos are watched daily. Given the popularity and viewership that the platform boasts, it’s no surprise that YouTube ads have the largest reach in addition to powerful targeting capabilities, making it a valuable aspect of one’s full-funnel marketing strategy. However, the benefits of YouTube ads go beyond simply a large and cross-device reach, video campaigns help build engaging user journey’s and inspire action.

Immersive storytelling to connect with your audience every step of the way

A shift has been happening in the last few years. Most marketing activities and budgets have been moving away from traditional branding activities towards more performance-based advertising. The result? Many brands are realising that they have over-invested in lower-funnel performance marketing, bringing them to a growth saturation point where investing in more of the same activities won’t bring extra value. So companies are looking for new ways to reach their audience and are achieving this by taking advantage of the outstanding audience targeting opportunities digital advertising offers.

This is where YouTube ads can help companies by empowering them to connect with their target audience throughout each step of the customer journey. From building your brand awareness via attention-grabbing adverts to building your brand loyalty by nurturing your audience using YouTube analytics and various retargeting methods, YouTube ads are a powerful tool in one’s marketing repertoire. 

High-quality graphics, animations and voice-overs create immersive stories that inspire customers and builds your brand awareness. And by creating and airing multiple adverts, brands can direct viewers through the customer journey by educating but also teasing the user about their product or service. 

Taking brand awareness and storytelling to the next level

TV commercials have taught us that video is king when it comes to building brand awareness and engaging content. However, a TV is a very static object, the advantage of YouTube is that consumers use the platform across all devices, throughout the entire day, and both alone or with friends and family. Making it an ideal branding tool to reach a maximum number of people.

The audience targeting options and flexibility of YouTube ads gives brands a lot of creative control. For example, users who typically skip an ad can be shown a separate video to attract and re-engage with them in a different manner. This is one of many examples which shows how brands can reach people based on their behaviour and viewing patterns. Thus ensuring you connect with consumers who are most likely to enjoy and benefits from your brand’s products or services. 

YouTube cases

Together with Wavin, the world leader in plastic pipe systems, we successfully honed its presence on YouTube to create a best-in-class content experience that embodies the company’s industry authority. This way, Wavin was able to further develop its reputation on an international scale and growing its global brand equity. 

Our collaboration with SteelSeries, the leading tech manufacturer of gaming peripherals and accessories for esports and gamers around the world, has been going on for more than 3 years. We have established their YouTube ads as one of the cornerstones of their full-funnel marketing approach. This includes building a traffic-driving always-on track, combined with several bigger branding campaign pushes on new products, with breathtaking ads generating high performance.

The Dept approach

At Dept, we combine creativity, data and technology to help organisations grow and accelerate. Below are five reasons why Dept is the ideal partner to get the most out of YouTube:

  • Google Premier Partner: This partnership allows us to get the most out of YouTube Ads to fully assist your business. Our various digital marketing teams are located around the world and consist of highly skilled individuals who have a lot of experience setting up and improving YouTube Ads setups. When approaching a project, we not only focus on understanding the aim of the commercial, we also analyse the digital maturity and experience of our clients to help them craft a tailored content strategy. Every company has different reasons for harnessing the power of YouTube advertisements, so we want to ensure that your campaign and strategy behind it performs well and takes your brand to the next level.
  • Knowledgeable and experienced: We have been working successfully for many years with a large range of technology leaders. With our wide array of experience, we can help a broad range of customers to embrace digital.
  • Full approach: As a fully integrated digital agency, we can support your company with SEO optimisation, creative campaigns, e-commerce, strategy and organisation, branding, data intelligence and more to help you grow and develop.
  • Widely deployable: Our teams have broad experience with both the creative aspects of a content strategy and with setting up the digital campaigns to use YouTube successfully. In addition to projects, we can also temporarily reinforce an existing team with our specialists.
  • In-house experts: Our years of expertise in creating strategies, setting up campaigns and monitoring results are not just for ourselves. We share our knowledge as YouTube experts in in-depth blogs in which we tackle practical challenges.

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