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Adobe experience manager


As customers today are becoming increasingly demanding, offering rich experiences matter more than ever. Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) combines content management with digital asset management to create the personalised experiences that customers expect. Delivering rich media content that adapts to every screen, this omnichannel CMS connects the dots across the whole customer journey.

The growing numbers of touchpoints and technologies are making the buying scenarios ever more fragmented and complex. Companies with a variety of content assets and channels in operation will struggle with providing a consistent and relevant interaction with their brands. AEM is far beyond a CMS. It provides a suite of solutions to manage every aspect of the experience in the customer buying cycle. With features like media analytics, intelligent search and tailored content, AEM helps you understand your customers and deliver contextual content for each moment and touchpoint.

AEM integrates natively with other Adobe products such as the Creative Cloud and the Marketing Cloud. Moreover, AEM acts as a central hub for creative, marketing and IT teams. Delivery processes and media delivery are seamlessly streamlined across all departments.

Empowering your brand

As a solution partner for Adobe Experience Manager, Dept helps companies to create the experiences that their customers want and their businesses need. Our experienced AEM developers bring the knowledge and experience with AEM implementations to use the rich capabilities of AEM to the maximum.

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