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Good Co.

We started Dept to build the best digital agency in the world. And that means building the best digital agency for the world, too.

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Today we woke up in a digital reality, one that holds solutions to the world’s biggest challenges. As a company with the combined capabilities of creativity, data, and technology, we have the tools to not only innovate technology, but to improve lives. That is why it is our mission to have a positive impact on not just our people and our clients, but on society as a whole. This is more than a responsibility, this is also our motivation.

Technology is what we do. And much of what we’ve done has had impact in solving some of the world’s biggest challenges. From climate change to environmental degradation to undermining inequality. We strive to use technology as a force for good. Here’s some examples.

Our impactful work

Our impact


We want to protect the climate. Today, Dept is a carbon neutral company. By 2023, we will be carbon negative. 

  • Our carbon footprint: We’re a certified Climate Neutral brand. We have measured and offset 100% of our 2020 carbon emissions of 5,524 tonne Co2. We offset our carbon footprint via partnerDie ko Terra Neutra by investing in one of their projects in Kenya: the Hafadhi Livelihoods Cookstoves projects. By investing in the Hifadhi project, we contribute to providing poor households with affordable, clean and efficient cookstoves that reduce the consumption of firewood and to emit less smoke with multiple social and environmental impacts.

  • Green building: We’re striving to get 70% of our office space green building accredited by the end of 2023. Examples of other initiatives to create low-impact offices are: meatless Mondays, our Dept Cares events, and recycling e-waste by donating laptops to charities.
  • Green travel: Based on our measurements, travel is the number one source of carbon emissions. Initiatives such as subsidies to incentivise public transport, a flexible work from home policy and use of carbon neutral-committed travel firms will support our goal to reduce our travel emissions by 7% YoY.

Impactful Work

Our favourite client projects are those which have a core mission with environmental or social impact. We want to be able to accelerate responsible production & consumption via the work we do for our clients.

That’s why we’re making it our goal for these projects to compose a minimum of 15% of our total revenue by 2023. Additionally, we’re pledging to use 1% of our profits to support purpose-driven organisations via donations and pro bono work. 

Our guiding principles for impactful work:

  • Sustainability – Sustainability is fully integrated into the way we work for and with our clients; every project is a potential impact project.
  • Accessibility – Everything we propose to our clients is according to the latest accessibility standards, and is culturally diverse and gender neutral by default.
  • Efficiency – The solutions we build for our clients promote more efficiency, less waste and help them to grow sustainably.
  • Pro-activity – We will always proactively offer solutions to every client (on top of the requested activities) that fit into one of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Diversity, Equality & Inclusion

We are lucky to have 65+ nationalities represented at Dept, and we work hard to make everyone feel welcome and appreciated. We also know that we can always do better. 

That’s why we’re working to build a more diverse, equal and inclusive organisation. By 2023,  our workforce will be a better representation of society at large and more than 40% of our managers will be female or nonbinary. 

  • Equal treatment – We proactively see to it that equal treatment holds true, regardless of age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race (including colour, nationality, and ethnic or national origin), religion or belief, sex (gender) and sexual orientation. This is not an exhaustive list.
  • Equal opportunities – To be an attractive employer for the next generation of talent, being a diverse and inclusive company with equal opportunities for all is a must. And we want talented, socially conscious people on our team. By being as open as possible, we have the best access to the widest talent pool.
  • Diverse teams – We believe we simply cannot deliver the world’s best work with an unbalanced team. If we want to work for the best global brands, we need to bring the best diverse team. This way our diverse and creative teams and their work will inspire the biggest brands in the world, and their consumers. 

B Corp Bound!

We are super proud to announce our commitment to becoming B Corp certified. With this achievement, Dept will join a global community of other B Corps that includes Patagonia, Ben & Jerry’s and WeTransfer. 

Becoming a certified B Corp requires us to meet and establish standards for not only Dept’s social and environmental performance, but also its public transparency and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose. 

By meeting these standards, B Corp brands commit to becoming a part of a global culture shift to build a more inclusive, more sustainable economy.

And that’s a mission Dept can get behind.

Our people

We keep Depsters’ minds hungry and their hearts happy. We want Depsters to feel that the  organization values them and that we are investing in them so they can reach their full potential

within Dept. By having a growth mindset, we will be able to keep Depsters engaged and do the best work for top-notch clients by contributing to innovation and staying on the cutting edge.

  • Worker benefits – We do everything we can to provide Depsters with better than the basics. We take care of the fundamentals as well, so they don’t need to sweat the small stuff. Being a good employer with solid procedures, employee benefits, training and development opportunities, strong mental/physical health and safety guidance and support all contribute to the happiness of our employees.
  • Healthy & Safety – Within Dept we maintain a culture of responsible freedom, creating an environment that is flexible and promotes work-life balance. On top of that we provide employees with benefits and perks that encourage and support employee health – to be more productive, creative, to better deal with the high pressure and pace of agency life in a healthy and sustainable way.
  • Career development – Learning and development is a key pillar within our Great Place to Grow strategy. Every Depster gets on average half a day per month to invest in internal training. We invest in becoming an even greater place to grow by launching a robust learning and development program built on the foundation of our global job matrix and the skills deptsters need to work for top notch clients in an ever-changing and  evolving digital landscape.

Dept Cares Day

Every year, we invite our Depsters to donate some of their time and give back to their communities. We pick a date and Depsters across the world (!) volunteer at various initiatives in their hometowns and home countries. We call it Dept Cares Day

10 countries
200+ Depsters
18 projects

On this day, we come together to make a difference. Over the years, that looks like anything from throwing a holiday get-together for lonely elderly folks in Amsterdam to teaching coding to migrants and refugees in Zurich. Other cool projects our offices have worked on include sprucing up some beaches in Ireland, taking refugees for a visit to the zoo, playing with adorable unwanted pets in Croatia, and donating warm clothes to folks in need in chilly Copenhagen.