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From our Depsters November 12, 2019

Platform Magento 1 ends support and updates


Is your online shop still running on Magento 1? Then you may be wondering, like hundreds of thousands of retailers worldwide, how Magento 1’s end-of-life support will affect you and how to proceed. With the right steps and a well thought out plan, switching to a new shop system can be the start of innovation and digital transformation in your business. However, there are three important questions to ask yourself during this transition phase.

What does the end of Magento 1 mean for my online shop?

No new features or updates will be rolled out, support will be phased out and maintenance will no longer be available. End-of-life support also entails that Magento will no longer be releasing any fixes or security patches, meaning your shop could be vulnerable to security breaches. Lastly, problems could creep into custom standard software features over the years such as long loading time, no scalability, and the lack of flexibility to adapt to new, customer-centric market conditions.

As you know, online shops are an essential customer touchpoint, this is an opportunity for your brand to tell your story online. So this software change is the perfect opportunity to elevate your online shop.

What are the advantages of platform migration?

By switching to a new platform, you will not only ensure that the problems mentioned above don’t become a reality, but it also opens up new opportunities in terms of customer loyalty and sales. More generally speaking, this can be a good time to re-evaluate the position of your online shop and to identify and fix weaknesses.

To jump-start this process, ask yourself the following: How is your online shop connected to your other sales channels? How intuitive is the user experience? How does your shop support and elevate your brand? Lastly, how can you increase traffic to your online shop? Your answers will help you choose the right software system for your migration.

Which software system is the best solution for my online shop?

For the best possible chance of success, embrace the latest technology and pay attention to the following details:

  • Reliability and security: software that has permanent update capabilities ensures a stable, secure and up-to-date functionality of your online shop. Consider Cloud Solutions that offer the highest level of stability and scalability as well as professional platform support.
  • Customer engagement: similarly, your new chosen system should be able to adapt to current usability trends and help you anticipate future customer needs.
  • Flexibility: ideally your new system offers opportunities for you to quickly expand and customise since not every development can be planned.
  • Integrations: a simple interface integration can save you high development costs and also offers further optimisation possibilities for your online shop.
Get ready for the future

Even though Magento 1’s end-of-life support might not seem like a moment to rejoice or a long-awaited opportunity for growth for your online shop, this could indeed be your time to shine. By doing this:

  • Use the momentum to elevate your business;
  • reflect on your current situation;
  • embrace the latest technology but pay attention to reliability, security, customer engagement, flexibility, and interface integration.

So, get ready for the future, it’s coming your way sooner than you think. And that’s a good thing.

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