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From our Depsters December 11, 2018

From Manchester to Boston: Assessing the American Dream


The moment you feel that you’re no longer challenged or that you’re not learning new things is when you naturally start updating your CV. You start looking elsewhere to see what will give you that next challenge to help you progress as an individual. And so, relishing a new adventure, Kyle Whiting followed his friend and colleague, Scott Jackson, from Interact Intranet to Building Blocks (now Dept) and hasn’t looked back since.

A change in direction

Coming from a project management background, Kyle switched to account management after both he and his managing director, Brian Robinson, realised that his skill-set was better suited to a client services role. Given his extrovert personality and caring nature, he’s not afraid to venture into the unknown, meeting new people and building relationships with clients. And so, an agreement was put together in terms of how he could make that transition into his new role and, as of January 2018, he was fully fledged into client services. As he talked about his new role with a grin on his face, he explained, “what I enjoy most about my job is just being out and about, meeting people and making people happy.’’ He continued by claiming, “Client happiness is my ROI! Because if a client is happy, they’ll work with you for a long time. At the very start of the relationship, I help to define their requirements, get the statements of work (SOW) together, and develop a 12-month roadmap for them that ensures they’ll meet their business objectives.”

By the end of March, Kyle was on track to smash his sales target for the year, and was eager to move onto the next challenge. When the opportunity arose in the US, at our Boston office, for someone to go out there to drive and support business goals, he kindly accepted.

Kyle had made his expatriate intentions clear. “I’d been talking to my managing director for a couple of years about moving abroad, especially to the USA”, he said. At first, he had a few concerns but, as he rather enthusiastically put, “this is one of the great things about Dept, whatever you decide, they’re there to support you no matter what.”

Assessing the American Dream

In May 2018, Kyle made his way across the pond on a secondment. He was tasked with defining go-to-market plans with our technology partners to help drive new business opportunities. Over the course of two months, he put a go-to-market plan with dotCMS, generated new business RFP interests, and even brought back to life a dormant account.

Despite getting off to a good start, Kyle wasn’t as happy in this new role as he might have hoped. “I see myself as a relationship builder, not a relationship creator”, he said. “In the grand scheme of things, while moving out to the US would have given me the opportunity to progress into a new business role, was I happy doing that on a day-to-day basis versus what I do in my role in Manchester? Probably not”. Kyle decided to return to the UK and handed over his newly obtained relationships to the team in the US. A mutual agreement was put in place for Kyle to stay in Manchester continuing as an account manager.

What’s next for Kyle?

Dept UK is currently growing its service offering, and Kyle has his sights set on progressing into a more senior role, working closer with clients on creative projects. As he so confidently put, “the opportunity is always there, you just need to ask.”


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