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Live Video Shopping


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China is known for setting digital trends, particularly in e-commerce, and live video shopping is the latest phenomenon the country has championed. More than 10 million live streams related to e-commerce took place in the first half of 2020, gaining more than 50 billion views and helping to sell more than 20 million products.

Despite the rapid adoption and acceleration of the trend in the East, the rest of the world is still playing catch up. Although the UK e-commerce market is the most advanced in Europe, few brands have experimented with live video shopping. The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically accelerated consumers’ digital maturity and curiosity, and while many brands have benefited from this, e-commerce’s lack of human connection has left an obvious gap for those more reliant on in-person experiences. 

Live stream shopping offers opportunity to retailers and brands on both sides of the fence, enabling them to deliver more life-like buying experiences while pushing the constraints of the new normal to not only maximise customer loyalty, but to reach new audiences.

In this trend report, we’ve compiled everything you need to know about live stream shopping and why now is the time to act: 

  • What is live video shopping?
  • Prime opportunities for brands and retailers 
  • Fundamentals of successful live video shopping
  • The future of live stream shopping 

Download this report to find out why this trend is predicted to become a mainstay of online shopping and the steps your business needs to take to implement it.