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How the digital tourist is shaping the travel industry


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Often times, when travelling, one can easily use 15 apps throughout the entire journey. From Google maps to airline-specific applications, Uber to get to and from the airport and throw in WhatsApp to keep in touch with colleagues. The customer journey related to travelling and the associated preparations is a long one, the number of touchpoints has increased and spans over multiple channels. However, we are the generation who plans, books and manages their travels online. Thus, how can (travel) companies better cater to this digitally connected generation, meet their evolving needs and simplify the customer journey?

The generation referred to above includes Millennials and Generation Z (combined they are known as Millzs). Men and women globally aged 7-35 years old. Millzs have high expectations when it comes to both marketing and travelling. However, gone are the days where you could simply sell a destination via pretty pictures. Travelling has become about experiences. Millzs don’t want to simply travel, they seek out new travel adventures which allow them to accomplish a goal or achieve something they have never done before. They are also used to a rapidly moving and changing world, that’s the new normal, and brands must adapt to cater to that.

So, data is the new currency which unites all aspects of the customer journey. Below you can find a video of the presentation but download our longread to delve into the breakout sessions and discover how to enhance the booking process and optimise in-trip experiences. Since most of us love to travel, let’s use data to make our lives easier.