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Accelerating the utilities and energy sector


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Like many other sectors, the ongoing pandemic has disrupted and affected the energy and utilities industry as consumers are changing their energy consumption due to increased lockdown measures and subsequent lifestyle changes. What was once the powerhouse of global economies is now under threat, and with no sign of the pandemic slowing down over the winter, the sector faces new and unprecedented pressures.

However, there is a silver lining to all this. The pandemic has had some unexpected effects on the digital transformation of the power and utilities sector. Instead of hindering progress, economic and social changes have acted as catalysts for the adoption of automation and technological development in many different ways. And, if opportunities are taken early enough, it may bring the future closer than we all thought.

At the centre of this transformation are three digital trends which present strong possibilities to address climate change, as well as fulfilling the potential presented by intelligent automation, better data usage and smarter consumer business models:

  • Digital business models
  • Data as a valuable resource
  • Decarbonisation and intelligent automation

Download this longread to find out how the energy and utilities sector can reinvent itself in 2021.