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Accelerating Healthcare: Top 3 Digital Trends for 2021


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Innovation in the healthcare industry is rapidly accelerating as a direct consequence of the ageing population, the rising prevalence of chronic diseases, infrastructure advancements, evolving care models, higher labour costs due to staff shortages and the expansion of healthcare systems in developing countries. But, more prevalently and unprecedented is the influence of the pandemic we’re currently facing.

As the world struggles to manage the virus, whilst juggling our pre-existing health issues, the healthcare industry is consequently in a state of constant flux, evolving on a daily basis. Part of this development is the need to embrace digital technology, an area that has been neglected in previous decades, but in recent months has played an important role in controlling COVID-19. To ensure that the shift to digital technology is embraced and that it better serves the changing needs of patients, the pandemic has brought forth a wave of disruption that will forever change the way care is provided; hopefully for the better.

In the midst of this progress, there are challenges that will remain, as with any industry undergoing such a major digital transformation – costs, complexity, evolving needs and scenarios and ongoing privacy issues. The industry will address these challenges and continue its digital transformation in the months and years ahead, with a number of advancements and trends set to have an impact on patients:

  • Telemedicine & mobile healthcare experiences become the standard
  • Using data and technology to drive advancements in patient care
  • Widespread process change and technology adoption will create a more resilient, flexible industry

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