How do you build camaraderie when everyone is WFH?

At BASIC/DEPT® we all knew the power of music, but the life it takes when each of us becomes vulnerable is what makes it sound even better.

JAMScase heroimage

The Approach

JAMS didn’t have much of a vision at first. It turned out to be one of the best things that happened to our agency.

Every Monday morning, an employee owns the proverbial mic for a few minutes. They tell the 120-ish people on the agency-wide call about a playlist they created, the meaning behind it, and a specific lyric.

It’s a break from reminders about timesheets and other announcements; a time to roll back the shoulders and get re-introduced to a co-worker through their favourite music.

The idea became even more powerful as the pandemic reared its ugly head. Checking in at the start of each week became critical to our sanity.

In sharing playlists and the stories that follow, walls are effectively broken, tears are sometimes shed, friendship is organically formed, and culture is most certainly built.

JAMS is now a staple of our agency’s identity. It shows that everyone has something to contribute that has nothing to do with a job title. It literally sets the tone every week.

Today, around the world, employees at our partner agencies as well as at our clients use JAMS to get to know each other.

JAMScase postersplit3

The Vinyl Identity

From a branding perspective, the identity borrowed from the visual language of artwork shared during JAMS sessions and of spinning vinyl.

The colour system is vast and emotional. We wanted it to match the vibrant visual language of the music. We also carried this approach into our UI elements with adaptive systems.

We were even intentional with minutia of the scrolling experience – like the nostalgic “click” sound of an iPod wheel as you scroll through songs on the site. Our brand fonts are used throughout to ensure that JAMS is recognisably BASIC/DEPT®.

If JAMS makes you nostalgic for the back seat of your parents car or to the days of flipping through CD booklets, then we did what we set out to do.

Art Direction

The page content and the art direction behind it is largely inspired by the contributions of our employees, specifically the quote they chose to share with everyone at the agency and their actual playlist.

It’s another way that we allow everyone at the agency who shared something to feel heard and recognised – it’s a remix of the term “inclusive design.”

The site is by no means a creation of just a few people. It’s the culmination of dozens and dozens of our own people – making everyone feel heard.

JAMScase btsimg6

Creating the Site

To create the site, we partnered with Eric Van Holtz of Van Holtz Co. and his colleague, Jake Whiteley. Under the hood, GSAP is the technology we used to create all of the animations and interactions. The homepage has two views of the most recent playlists: CRATE and GRID.

CRATE gives the feeling of being in a record shop or inside a basement, flipping through stacks of vinyl records. On the playlist page, the hero image rotates as if it’s spinning on a record player. Scrolling down, you’ll see content being revealed – artist quotes, album artwork, and a carousel of playlists.

We had fun on the NOTES page by displaying imagery from the featured playlist in a style similar to the 1990s DVD screensaver animation; it continually bounces off of the edges of the screen. We wanted the animations and interactions to support the content and represent a throwback to the days before digital audio.

Creating the Video

Central to the site is the intro video. We shot it in our San Diego HQ and featured our own people. The team went thrifting for props over lunch. The entire process felt very organic, much like our approach to JAMS in the first place: off the cuff but always a shared experience.

We styled the shoot with analog technology from a bygone era: a transistor radio, an antenna TV, a cassette deck, an Ikegami tube camera, to name a few. The makeshift set purposefully felt like a vintage record shop; JAMS is your favourite record store; your basement; your Honda Civic; that place we all remember listening to music. It’s an extension of you.

JAMScase btsimg2
JAMScase btsimg3

Paving the way for our own stories

In a surprising way, JAMS has become a powerful catalyst for storytelling, prompting employees to share anecdotes of struggle, loss, and celebration.

One employee created a playlist for Hispanic Heritage month. “The lyrics are very personal to me as they are a celebration of my home country of Mexico. México te llevo en el corazón, con la alegría del mariachi, me brota la inspiración.”

The lyrics by Luis Miguel translate to, “Mexico, I carry you in my heart, with the joy of the mariachi, inspiration is born.”

The song is a celebration of the colours, aromas, textures and music of a country beloved by its people,” shared the employee. “But there are about 20 countries where Spanish is the official language, so JAMS creates a beautiful and unique opportunity to celebrate each other with musica en español. That’s what JAMS provides – the opportunity to learn more about each other.

Luis Miguel, BASIC/DEPT® employee

Another employee curated a genreless playlist inspired by the 1994 Beastie Boys record, Ill Communication, which spans pop, punk, folk, rock, hip hop, and jazz. He shared a quote from a 1963 spoken word session by Bob Dylan that he added to the playlist.

“You’ll find God in the church of your choice, you’ll find Woody Guthrie in Brooklyn State Hospital, and though it’s only my opinion, I may be right or wrong, you’ll find them both in the Grand Canyon at sundown.”

The employee followed with an explanation about how the quote relates to his recent loss of a pet.

Hospitals and churches are where people go to find closure, find answers, find hope, beauty, inspiration; to find something deeper. But they aren’t the only places. For anyone who’s lost someone, just go outside, find that place that’s special to you and reconnect. They’re no longer physically there, but can still be there for you.

BASIC/DEPT® employee

Global JAMS

A playlist created by Studio Dumbar/DEPT®, our Netherlands-based partner agency, is just the beginning. In the spirit of JAMS, our DEPT® family members now make playlists and art to share with each other.

Art credit: Christopher Noort (Lead Designer) and Giovanni Zanella (Motion Designer)


Of course, the idea of sharing playlists feels as old as the creation of fire and by no means do we take credit.

That said, we’d like to think we played a small role in allowing agency culture worldwide to become more vulnerable through the lens of music. Our global family of DEPT agencies now share their JAMS on social channels through a branded identity for the world to see.

The next wave is the most intriguing. We plan to produce short documentaries spotlighting the compelling stories told by our curators. Who knows – there might even be a JAMS charity event and scholarship one day.

It might sound overly aspirational and unclear, but that’s how it all began – and we wouldn’t want it any other way.


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VP of Growth

Asher Wren

Motorsport Games

Creating digital collectibles for an esports pioneer

Le Mans Asset3

With a staggering audience of 81 million people, the 24H of Le Mans Virtual has established itself firmly as one of the pioneers of the fast-growing world of esports.

Motorsport Games, the developers behind the virtual race, partnered with Algorand and DEPT® to launch an NFT marketplace to sell, auction, and promote iconic moments from the 2021 race as they happened.

A new first for a historic event

As the longest-running endurance race for sports cars, the in-person Le Mans race has amassed an equally long list of historic moments. The 24H race is punctuated by driver switches, pit stops, inevitable mechanical failures, and the transition from day to night. It’s a demanding test for both drivers and their vehicles and the race’s history encompasses everything from major wins to high-speed crashes. 

When the in-person event was postponed in 2020 and Motorsport Games launched the 24H of Le Mans Virtual, the immersive simulation event was designed to have all of the hallmarks of the original—including those same historic moments.

For the 2021 race, Motorsport Games decided to celebrate the return of the virtual event with an NFT collection of these moments. Working with DEPT®, they set out to launch an NFT marketplace to package and sell the race’s historic moments both from its inaugural year and also as they occurred during the race’s second outing.

Screenshot 2022 05 10 at 11 59 36 AM

Iconic racing moments, now collectible

The 24H Le Mans Virtual NFT marketplace was built using Algomart, the open-source platform on the Algorand blockchain created by DEPT®. We worked with Motorsport Games to take Algomart out of the box and launch their branded marketplace just in time for race day 2021.

Using Algomart opened the door to what otherwise might have been nearly impossible. Building a full-scale branded NFT platform from scratch requires an inordinate investment of time and resources. And, with blockchain technologies still relatively new, most brands don’t have the in-house capability to marry the off-chain and on-chain systems needed to build a blockchain-based marketplace. 

Algomart provided a solution to these issues that looked and functioned like a traditional e-commerce experience. Moreover, it put Motorsport Games in control of creating their own bespoke offering with a tech stack that could scale as needed.

Motorsport Games’ NFT offering consisted of five collections, each representing a world-renowned racetrack, and each containing multiple NFT packs. Much like the NBA’s successful TopShot NFT series, fans who purchased these could “rip” packs to reveal iconic moments of sports history. In the Le Mans case, these moments were captures of the race from the immersive platform created by  

Depending on the rarity of the pack and just how iconic the moments it contained were, prices ranged from $5 to $50. But it’s also worth noting that Motorsport Games also released 526 editions of four “common” NFT packs for free, all of which were claimed within a matter of hours.

Ultimately, by taking advantage of Algomart, we helped Motorsport Games successfully enter a new and exciting market that fits the brand of a pioneering esport like the virtual Le Mans race.

An important foundation for the esport revolution

The first collection of NFTs for the 24H Le Mans Virtual was generally well received.

The promotional free packs were claimed quickly and nearly 60% of the total NFTs available have been purchased. Overall, fans were excited to see a sports car race enter the NFT world and even more excited that the Le Mans NFTs would be created on the Algorand blockchain.

By working with DEPT® to create an NFT marketplace, Motorsport Games has built the foundation early for an evolution in esports that seems inevitable. As blockchain technology ushers in play-to-earn gaming and draws more attention to the fast-growing world of esports, Motorsport Games will be able to expand their NFT marketplace accordingly.


Director of Web3 at DEPT®

Brandon Aaskov

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The Drone Racing League

Creating collectibles for a sport at the forefront of digital innovation

Screenshot 2022 05 09 at 2 07 45 PM

The Drone Racing League (DRL) is the world’s premier professional drone racing property. Millions of fans watch the best drone pilots in the world compete in high-speed, highly competitive races broadcast on NBC, Twitter, and other international sports networks. 

DRL partnered with DEPT® to launch a series of NFT collectibles by building a branded platform on the Algorand blockchain, making them the first brand to take advantage of Algomart.

A reputation for leveraging groundbreaking technology

DRL doesn’t just hold competitions IRL. During the pandemic they launched a full-scale virtual transformation by taking advantage of the DRL Simulator. The cloud-based technology enabled DRL to broadcast live races within an immersive simulation and proved so successful that it stamped DRL as a pioneer of a new era of sports racing.

With the rapid expansion of Web3 and the metaverse, DRL has since partnered with Algorand’s Playground Labs to take digital drone racing a step further with blockchain-enabled ticketing, fan transactions, and, of course, digital collectibles in the form of NFTs. 

After learning about DEPT®’s role in creating Algomart, Algorand’s open source technology enabling brands to launch their own NFT platforms, DRL approached us for help in this endeavour.

DRL Asset1

A non-fungible, first-of-its-kind promotion for a 21st century sport

Building a full-scale branded NFT platform from scratch represents a hefty investment of both time and money. Furthermore, blockchain technologies are still relatively new and finding a team that can marry the off-chain and on-chain systems needed to build an NFT marketplace is tricky. Most brands don’t have this capability in-house, limiting options even more. 

Algomart is a groundbreaking piece of technology in that it provides an out-of-the-box solution to these issues, putting brands in control and enabling them to enter a new and exciting market with a bespoke offering that feels like a traditional e-commerce experience and can scale as needed.

DEPT®  helped DRL take full advantage of everything that Algomart has to offer. We worked with their team to take Algomart out of the box and launch their branded marketplace in under a month. Their first run of 400 NFTs featured fourteen drone pilot avatars created by the award-winning digital artist Metapunks. Of that first run, 387 NFTs were a “common” design and the remaining thirteen were one-of-a-kind “rare” designs.

Rather than releasing their first set of NFTs for purchase or auction, DRL debuted their marketplace at Algorand’s 2021 Decipher conference as a promotional offering. They distributed 400 flyers with QR codes which attendees could scan and find out which of the fourteen designs they had redeemed. 

As a promotional release, DRL’s NFTs symbolized the brand’s place at the head of a first-of-their-kind 21st century sport. Additionally, they provide an exciting, low-risk way for DRL to test the waters for digital collectibles.

The entire ecosystem of blockchain and NFTs is going to bring people closer to the brands they love and open a whole host of new experiences.

Anne Marie Gianutsos, CMO, Drone Racing League

An exciting future

Going forward, DRL has big plans for their NFT marketplace. Recently, they’ve announced their official mobile game, which will allow fans to compete in play-to-earn virtual races for cryptocurrency and NFTs. The game was launched as part of DRL’s partnership with Algorand’s Playground Labs and DEPT® continues to have a role in helping expand the marketplace to include a secondary marketplace.

Play-to-earn games are a much-anticipated part of the future of blockchain. By integrating them with their NFT marketplace, the possibilities for new NFT offerings from DRL are almost limitless and will continue to be facilitated by Algomart.


Director of Web3 at DEPT®

Brandon Aaskov

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Creating the soundtrack to the metaverse

luis morera klNRtxIgiMM unsplash 1 scaled

Dequency is building first-of-its-kind decentralised music licensing marketplace for music and visual creators to connect, collaborate and transact. Built with web3 technology and ethos, Dequency seeks to connect visual creators with recording artists and other music rights holders and provide a simple, transparent, and fun licensing experience. They turned to DEPT® to help bring this vision to life and build the marketplace. 

Dequency 1

Building a decentralised music licensing platform

Dequency aims to build a platform that eliminates third parties from music licensing transactions to increase the speed of payment, reduce fees, and give control of the system to market participants. The Dequency platform will enable music and visual creators to connect and collaborate on NFT art and metaverse content more easily.

Initially catering to on-chain content such as motion graphic NFT projects, video games and metaverse productions, Dequency wants to showcase recording artists offering their music to license and facilitate communication between the parties to foster community. With the ultimate goal of creating a fully-decentralised, trustless music licensing marketplace, Dequency will also provide creators income-generating opportunities with minimum fees and instant payment.

The power of blockchain technology to help streamline music licensing

All visual productions that use music require a synchronisation licence (AKA “sync licence”) negotiated between the copyright owner of a piece of music and the party seeking to use the music. The license permits the synchronisation of copyrighted music to any other type of content. 

Dequency believes that blockchain technology has the power to revolutionise the market for music licensing and create more opportunities for artists. The company wanted to build on Algorand, a blockchain that is known for its environmentally friendly “pure proof of stake” consensus mechanism. Algorand offers quick, efficient and secure transactions on its blockchain.

Licensing of music into film,TV or other applications in 2022 is currently akin to booking travel in 1975; inefficient, rife with unnecessary intermediaries and rent-seekers, and closed off to those unable to get through the corporate gatekeepers.

George Howard, Dequency Co-Founder

adrian hernandez UZFlMWqdqHg unsplash 2 scaled

DEPT® is very familiar with building on Algorand, as we built the first white-label, open source platform for launching an NFT marketplace on the Algorand blockchain. And we’ve worked with a number of companies who are looking to launch NFTs or build platforms on Algorand.

Through a series of design and architecture sprints, we helped the Dequency team flesh out their idea. Over the course of five months, we then designed and built an MVP of the product, focusing first on offering up ready-to-sync music for visual projects that are legally licensed directly from the music rights owner, and recorded on-chain. 

Making history

Shortly after the MVP was created, Dequency made history by executing the first-ever sync licence on a public blockchain. “Late Night People” by Goldfish ft. Soweto Kinch was licenced through Dequency’s SmartSync contract for use in Algorand’s Decipher conference, held in late 2021. 

In early 2022, Dequency was also able to raise $4.5 million through an investment round led by Borderless Capital to further build out the marketplace. The funding will go toward building out Dequency’s peer-to-peer function, enabling music creators to upload their work to the platform and directly license for use in visual art projects. 

DEPT® is currently working with Dequency on phase two of the project, focused on enabling music creators and rights owners to host their catalog on Dequency and work directly with visual creators looking to purchase the rights to use music in their projects. 

When Dequency fully launches, the marketplace will be the only option to license music on-chain for blockchain-native content such as motion-visual NFT projects, games, and metaverse productions.

The Dequency platform built by DEPT® facilitates communication and direct transaction between music and visual creators, giving them the opportunity to benefit from this explosion of artists entering the space.

Keatly Haldeman, Dequency Co-founder & CEO


Managing Director

Jonas Roland Therkildsen

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Merit Circle

Creating the Gaming Community Platform that will accelerate the play & earn industry

merit circle game

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in games are booming. The decentralised autonomous organisation Merit Circle foresees a new era in which gaming not only costs money but also creates financial opportunities. Merit Circle chose DEPT® to be its strategy & technology partner and develop a gaming community platform that brings capital, expertise and players together.

04 Mobile Angled 1

Next level gaming

Gamers play for fun, to be challenged or to experience a sense of belonging. NFTs bring gaming to a whole new level by adding an earning element on top of this gaming experience and opening up the possibility to easily create open economies . Play & earn blends video games with in-game economics that reward players with NFTs for their performance. Gamers can sell their NFTs in games and across marketplaces to other players and collectors. Ownership of NFTs can also grant access, rights and benefits from reward schemes, live events and early releases. NFTs make certain aspects of games tradeable and turned the play & earn industry into the biggest development in gaming nowadays. According to Alexis Ohanian, the founder of Reddit, 90 per cent of people within the next five years will not play a video game unless they are being properly valued for that time.

Starting in 2021, Merit Circle focuses on developing the play & earn economy and has already gathered a massive community that’s now the most significant gaming DAO in the industry, both in market value and treasury size. To pave the way for future growth, Merit Circle asked DEPT® to create a revolutionary NFT marketplace that will truly make its gamers’ lives better. Specific wishes were to automate the onboarding process for gamers and enrich their community with coaching and education that goes beyond gaming. And finally, to create a clear financial overview with a pay-out function that integrates multiple crypto wallets.

Developing a whole new market

The community is an essential part of the world of gaming, but onboarding new gamers was very labour-intensive. This goes beyond just creating an account: it’s about getting familiar with the concept of Play & Earn gaming, helping with the right set-up of the wallet and game device, choosing the right game and teaching newcomers the basics. In a new platform built from scratch, we automated this whole process while still ensuring every single gamer feels comfortable, welcome and heard. By adding elements of comradery, advice and interaction to the community, we aim to make play & earn gaming more accessible.

Currently, Merit Circle provides thousands of gamers with scholarships to play the popular games Axie Infinity, and Vulcan Forged for free. Making actively participating in the games more accessible to the masses, as for some NFTs, prices can run up to thousands of dollars. In exchange, Merit Circle receives 30% of everything a gamer earns. The community platform supports scholars in all kinds of areas. Scholars and more experienced gamers with the right social skills, so-called coaches, come together here to learn from each other. Progress and achievements are tracked via leaderboards. Coaches not only coach their scholars with game challenges and skill learning but also help with operational processes and educate scholars on crypto, finance and personal development. The platform integrates and facilitates learning, earning and community and forms a significant step towards a competitive and scalable platform in the play & earn gaming industry.

05 Mobile 1

DEPT®’s approach is unique! There are only a small number of agencies that can fulfil this role within a blockchain scale-up like Merit Circle, as DEPT® is doing now.

Thale Sonnemans, Head of Operations at Merit Circle

02 Template Mobiles 1

Meeting all the gamers’ needs

The first version of the gaming community platform is set to release early in Q2 of 2022, with more than 30 exciting play & earn games in the pipeline that are sure to attract new gamers. Through open and transparent in-game performance tracking, points for improvement are found and addressed. When the platform is finalised and functioning as envisioned, DEPT® will guide Merit Circle in forming a dedicated team to sustain the platform and improve as the industry evolves. Possible future additions are team play, switching easily between different games and gamification of the whole scholarship process. Merit Circle aims to raise the industry standard by developing a platform that covers everything a gamer could need. With DEPT® in the game, Merit Circle is expected to be a kingmaker in the new land of play & earn.



Jochem van Rossem

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Merit Circle

Developing the leading NFT marketplace for gamers

merit circle

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are at the heart of Merit Circle, a rising star in the crypto industry. NFTs enable the play & earn economy that Merit Circle focuses on, in which gamers buy and earn NFTs that they can sell and trade. For this, Merit Circle asked DEPT® to develop an NFT marketplace that distinguishes with an experience that is devoted to both gamers and game developers.

By gamers, for gamers

Merit Circle is all about games. Investing, playing, building and now the trading of the assets that power the play & earn economy with an NFT marketplace. For Merit Circle, it’s the final piece in their portfolio that closes the circle. While most NFTs are being bought and sold for their aesthetic and speculative properties, gaming NFTs add a new layer by enhancing the gaming experience. Instead of just displaying your shiny item, you can also use it in a gaming metaverse to slay that terrifying dragon. This allows for its own niche in the crypto industry, one that Merit Circle is set on conquering.

With a massive market share, OpenSea is currently the most dominant NFT marketplace by far. Still, new players with a heavy focus on the gaming industry such as Fractal, are popping up every day. However, what better company to build an NFT marketplace than a community owned gaming DAO, which is already fully tailored towards helping gamers succeed in this space. And on top of that, Merit Circle has another advantage that most competitors lack: the actual content. It has the benefit of being able to leverage a rich network of games, each bringing its own gaming community. To accommodate this expected growth, we built a gaming community platform from scratch that makes onboarding and interacting more user-friendly. At the same time, we developed the NFT marketplace for this community to trade their gaming NFTs.

03 Template Desktop

Upgrading the gaming NFT marketplace experience

At OpenSea, NFTs for gaming are treated like any other NFTs and every profile looks the same. Creators have few options to display the usage of an NFT in a game, or to tell the larger story behind it, which is essential for the world-building on which games rely. Without these two essential properties, gaming NFTs are mostly considered for their financial history and possible value gain. In a nothing about us, without us approach, we held a series of 1-on-1 interviews with game studios, gamers and investors. In three explorative design sprints, we listened to user experiences, complaints and wishes, and discussed prototypes and new solutions. This way, we learned what would be needed to upgrade the current experience of trading NFTs for gaming. At the same time, we also aspire to address the general issues with NFT trading that we currently see.

Anyone who has taken a dive into the world of crypto, wallets, NFTs and gas fees, can tell you how incredibly difficult it can be to truly get in to the crypto industry. Especially if you are not tech-savvy. The UI is often lacking, and sometimes it’s unclear what is happening or how to get engaged. We decided to meet this challenge head-on with contextual education in an approach called just-in-time learning. Instead of referring users to support forums and FAQ repositories in which they have to find their own way, we provide short explanations and next steps. By applying proven design patterns that users will know from webshops, the user experience becomes smoother. Transparency was another key factor, for which we ensured the fees and value of the NFT are clearly visible. We also worked with Game Development Studios from the very start of the project, which allowed us to lower the threshold for creators and Game Developing Studios to create their own marketplace. The Merit Circle Marketplace will be giving them a good deal of options to customise their own landing pages, enabling them to create a unique environment that fits their identity and needs.

04 Mobile Angled 1

Wider appeal to the masses

Together with Merit Circle, we firmly believe that a better user experience is essential for Web 3.0 to break through to the masses. With the launch of an NFT marketplace for and by gamers, we aim to move the needle and make the trading of NFTs for gaming more accessible for everyone. Authentic to the Merit Circle brand, and with a clear focus on creating value and improving the gaming experience. Merit Circle has the clear ambition to lead the play & earn industry, and with the addition of this NFT marketplace to its ecosystem, Merit Circle is one step closer to minting that role.



Jochem van Rossem

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Verdens første NFT-handelsplatform for brands

Algorand Post 2

Salget af NFT’er (non-fungible tokens; unikke digitale aktiver) blev på bare et år 20-doblet, fra 13,7 millioner dollars i første halvdel af 2020 til 2,5 milliarder dollars i første halvdel af 2021. Da 2021 nåede sin afslutning, havde markedet for NFT’er nået en værdi på 41 millarder dollars. For at hjælpe brands udnytte NFT’ernes mange muligheder har DEPT® skabt verdens første open source, white-label løsning til lancering af NFT-markedspladser, bygget i forlængelse af Algorands blockchain.

Algorand 1

En kæmpe mulighed i markedet

NFT’er åbner for nye måder for brands at skabe innovation og giver forbrugerne mulighed for at kaste sig ud i digitalt ejerskab og digitale samleobjekter. Men vil virksomhederne for alvor udnytte de muligheder, som digitale aktiver rummer, har de brug for en nem måde at lancere en NFT markedsplads. For at imødekomme dette behov, har DEPT® lanceret verdens første open-source, white-label-løsning til lancering af en NFT-markedsplads, bygget med Algorands blockchain.

NFT’er giver loyale kunder, samlere og investorer mulighed for at eje og interagere med et stykke af et brands virtuelle ejendom. Markedet for virtuelle varer vokser lige nu eksponentielt. Trangen til at samle er et menneskeligt karaktertræk, der har eksisteret gennem århundreder, og derfor repræsenterer digitale aktiver et kæmpe uudnyttet potentiale for brands. Digitalisering og certificering åbner op for, at brands kan skabe nye måder at engagere deres målgrupper og skabe værdi for dem gennem, eksempelvis gennem unikke oplevelser. Og nu åbner digitalisering og certificering for, at brands kan skabe nye måder at tilbyde deres kunder unikke oplevelser. Og potentialet er især stort, fordi virksomhederne konkurrerer om kunderne i et marked, der er 100 % digitalt.

NFT’er repræsenterer desuden bedre fortjeneste for deres ophavsfolk, mere direkte kontakt med forbrugerne og en langt bedre forebyggelse mod svindel, mens det samtidig giver ejerne komplet ejerskab og kontrol. I sidste ende er det grundlæggende en spændende distributionsmetode, som brands kan bruge for at generere ny og øget værdi. 

Desværre er blockchain-teknologien stadig ny, og kompleksitetsgraden samt behovet for ekspertviden gør det ekstremt dyrt og besværligt at starte salg af NFT’er op fra bunden.
Mange virksomheder har brug for en køreklar løsning, der gør det lettere for dem at træde ind på markedet, have tilstrækkelig kontrol til at have et skræddersyet udbud og have en tech stack, der kan skaleres og vokse. Sammen med Algorand, som har været kunde hos DEPT® gennem flere år, øjnede vi behovet for at skabe en lettere adgang til NFT-markedet for at give brands mulighed for at tage styring på deres digitale aktiver og kundernes interaktion med dem.

Hele blockchain og NFT-økosystemet kommer til at bringe folk tættere på de brands, de elsker, og åbne op for en række nye oplevelser.

Anne Marie Gianutsos, CMO, Drone Racing League

Algorand 3

Velkommen til Algomart

For at hjælpe brands med at komme i gang med NFT’er har DEPT® har skabt en platform, der er lige til at gå til: Algomart. 

Alomart er en open-source-platform, der er bygget ovenpå den mest banebrydende blockchain-teknologi fra Algorand for hurtigt at skabe unikke og brugervenlige oplevelser. Algorand er en attraktiv infrastruktur til lanceringen af disse NFT-markedspladser, da den er miljøvenlig og skalérbar samt har lave transaktionsgebyrer.

Algomart stiller kernemoduler til rådighed, som er klar til brug og giver brands mulighed for nemt at skabe nye modeller og oplevelser, uanset om det er at skabe kontakt med kunderne gennem auktioner og digitale samlerobjekter, at skabe NFT’er for at interagere med gamere i metaverset, at tilbyde noget, der kan omsættes til noget i den virkelige verden, eller at blande fysiske og digitale oplevelser. 

Med Anglomart er det let for virksomhederne at gå i gang, da udviklingen og implementeringen af oplevelserne bruger banebrydende infrastruktur som Terraform og Docker. Circle giver desuden brands mulighed for at fjerne nogle af udfordringerne for brugerne ved at skabe og finansiere såkaldte crypto wallets, så de kan betale med kreditkort som ved enhver andel e-handel-transaktion.

Algorand 2

Kortere vej mellem kunderne og de brands, de elsker

Siden lanceringen af Algomart har DEPT® diskuteret muligheden for at starte en NFT-markedsplads med en række virksomheder, fra globale sportsbrands, lotterispil og udbydere af sportsspil samt producenter af mad og drikkevarer.

Motorsport Games brugte Algomart til at lancere sin allerførste NFT markedsplads i forbindelse med deres virtuelle live 24-timers Le Mans-event. På platformen kunne brugerne bl.a. finde eksklusive øjeblikke og kunst.

Derudover blev The Drone Racing League, verdens førende professionelle organisation for drone-kapflyvning, den første sportsliga til at drive en NFT-markedsplads gennem Algorand. Markedspladsen byder blandt andet på unikke 3D-avatarer af DRL’s Algorand 13. pilot, MannyH!MSLF, til brug i gaming og i metaverset. 

NFT’er er eksploderet, da mange af verdens førende brands har fået øjnene op for den rolle, som digitale aktiver kan spille til vidt forskellige formål. Det glæder mig at se DEPT® anerkende potentialet og lancere deres banebrydende platform, som gør det enkelt for brands i højere grad at integrere NFT’er i deres forretning.

David Markley, Director of Business Solutions, Algorand


Managing Director

Jonas Roland Therkildsen

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Spotifys Music + Talk giver nyt liv til podcasting

Podcasts har i de seneste år oplevet en eksponentiel vækst i popularitet. Lovgivningen om ophavsret betyder dog, at det kan være en udfordring at tilføje musik til sit lydspor.

Takket være Spotifys nye løsning Music + Talk hører disse udfordringer nu fortiden til.

Adgang til over 60 millioner sange

Nu kan digitale kreatører frit kombinere deres egne optagelser med numre fra Spotify ved hjælp af Anchor – en gratis app til at skabe og distribuere podcasts. 

Resultatet er en ny genre inden for podcasts: Music + Talk.
Studio Dumbar (Part of Dept) blev udvalgt til at skabe den visuelle identitet til det banebrydende brand. 


Spotifys målsætning med Music + Talk er at blive en vigtig spiller på det globale podcastmarked og samtidig revolutionere måden, hvorpå lydindhold bliver skabt og delt, og give det nyt liv. 
Det nye brand måtte derfor kommunikere deres energi og ambition, mens det samtidig sad trygt side om side med Spotify og Anchor. Udtrykket skulle være fleksibelt, nemt at arbejde med og stærkt nok til at tiltrække podcastscenens store stjerner såvel som næste generation af talent.


I tæt samarbejde med Spotify og vores søsterbureau, Byte (en del af Dept), skabte vi et pulserende brand med bevægelse i sin DNA. Logoet kommunikerer krystalklart produktets formål. Formerne med ordene Music + Talk tilfører personlighed og udgør samtidig et fundament for den bredere visuelle identitet. Når figurerne er i bevægelse, ser man dem strække sig ud og trække sig sammen, så de udtrykker lydens pulserende energi og skaber en større familie af former, som tilsammen danner mønstre. Uanset om disse mønstre skæres til, roteres eller vises i forskellige farvekombinationer, forbliver de genkendelige selv uden brug af logoet, og de fungerer derfor som et karakteristisk fundament, der giver den visuelle identitet fleksibilitet. Lydlogoet udgør ligeledes en integreret del af den visuelle identitet: en kort, mindeværdig jingle skabt for at gøre det let at identificere video- og lydinhold, der er lavet til Music + Talk-formatet.


Identiteten vil fortsat blive udrullet, efterhånden som nyt indhold bliver produceret og delt via Music + Talk. Alle designmaterialer er gjort tilgængelige online, ledsaget af udførlige brand-guidelines. Det sikrer en konsistent og sammenhængende identitet, uanset hvordan det bruges, og hvor i verden designeren befinder sig.


Managing Director

Jonas Roland Therkildsen

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Forståelse af Xbox-gamernes mindset

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DEPT® indgik et samarbejde med Microsoft Ireland om deres strategier og kampagner til de sociale medier for Xbox Ireland, Surface, Office 365 og HR. Microsoft Ireland tog oprindeligt kontakt til os med ønsket om support til at styre Xbox Irelands sociale mediekanaler. Kanalerne stod over for en lang række udfordringer, herunder en uengageret målgruppe og ingen lokal kontekst. Vi fik derfor til opgave at dykke ned i Irlands unikke gaming-kultur og tilføje lidt irsk krydderi til deres kanaler..

Spirende ny interesse

Irerne er passionerede omkring gaming, men de havde mistet interessen for Xbox Irelands Facebook-side. Ved hjælp af en velovervejet blanding af lokaliseret og originalt indhold, målrettede konkurrencer og effektive mediekampagner undersøgte vi det, som de elskede, kunne lide og hadede. Herefter – ved at forstå, hvad de tænkte – kunne vi levere en konsekvent og kreativ indholdsplan, der blev ved med at levere engagerende resultater.

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Vores strategi genoplivede Xbox Irelands tilstedeværelse og omdømme på de sociale medier


stigning i følgere




millioner visninger

Få budskabet ud

Vores indholdsteam hos DEPT® arbejder tæt sammen med Xbox’ EMEA-team for at sikre, at vi slår den rette tone an i forhold til nyheder om, udgivelser af og opdateringer til Xbox. Herefter tilføjede vi vores hemmelige ingrediens med lokalt produceret indhold, der henvendte sig til Xbox’ fans i Irland. Fra post “As Gaeilige”, dvs. på irsk, visning af lokale begivenheder, filme vores egne gaming-uheld og til selvfølgelig at fejre St. Patricks Day er vi i en god position til at sikre, at vores fans hilses med “Cead mile failte”, eller sagt på dansk: tusind gange velkommen. Vi producerede også en mini-kampagne af All-Ireland 2017, som var inspireret af Xbox Design Lab-controllerindhold, så vi forenede vores fans’ passion for lokale gælisk fodboldklubber og Xbox.

Det er altafgørende, at vi får budskabet ud til fansene og skaber interesse. Derfor understøtter vi Xbox’ butiks- og forhandleraktiviteter med målrettede sociale og pay-per-click-kampagner. Når vi har defineret hver enkelt forhandlers specifikke målgruppe og interesser, kan vi skræddersy vores budskab, så vi opnår fantastiske resultater..

Vi gik i dybden med at finde influencere, så vi kunne finde og anbefale en række irske gamere til Xbox. Det er meget vigtigt at få fat i de rette folk, og hvis du gør det, så får du uovertruffen indhold og entusiasme.

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En blanding af strategi og dybdegående analyser resulterede i en 42,7 % stigning i følgere og 212.900 engagementer i alt på Twitter sidste år. På Facebook-siden var der næsten 40.000 engagerede irske Facebook-brugere, 19,8 millioner visninger (13,1 millioner uden hjælp fra betalte medier) og 148.000 engagementer.


Technical Director

Mark Wright

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Putting marketing in the spotlight

iStock 1220413167 1 scaled

As humans, we never stop learning. With this in mind, GoodHabitz offers numerous online training courses for professionals. A strong and user-friendly website is a must to provide them with the best experience and the right information. GoodHabitz turned to DEPT® to deliver a fresh website to provide an optimal experience for its students. After an intensive and successful collaboration, the GoodHabitz website is now more colorful, user-friendly and more marketing-minded than ever.


Customised learning

Every organisation deals differently with the personal development of its employees, but offering training is always a golden formula. GoodHabitz Specialises in online training for the B2B market via a subscription model; employees decide what, when and how they learn, all for a competitive, fixed price. GoodHabitz works with organisations to develop customised programs ranging from inspiring leadership to productivity, personal strength to digital skills. The individual employee then decides what, when and how to learn, so the knowledge gained is perfectly balanced and timed with the professional needs of staff. GoodHabitz courses stand out as being as engaging and easy-to-follow as your favorite TV shows.

Optimised for lead generation

Providing digital services means that everything in the digital realm has to work optimally – that goes without saying. Prior to its partnership with DEPT®, GoodHabitz’s former website consisted of both the learning and marketing platforms and was developed in-house. The organisation realised that its marketing reach and online visibility could be further improved to support its global growth. DEPT® stepped in to increase digital lead generation, choosing to separate the learning and marketing platforms. By doing so, DEPT® can help increase the sales, visibility and reach of GoodHabitz among HR professionals.

Habitz 1

The perfect balance

DEPT® began this project by researching GoodHabitz’s potential clients, namely hr professionals and learning & development experts. We then presented the opportunities from our research and expertise to GoodHabitz in a workshop to learn which choices they want to make as an organisation in the short and long term.

This initial research and discovery shaped the conceptual phase of the project. Despite wanting to separate the marketing and learning platforms, GoodHabitz was satisfied with the existing branding and style of the website.

DEPT®’s design team didn’t need to reinvent the wheel, but looked how to apply existing style, fonts and colours to a more user-friendly design.

The challenge for DEPT®’s designers was to find the balance between GoodHabitz’s playful, colorful style and its clear focus on the business market. Our quest was to balance the choice between professional versus playful, soft shapes versus clean lines, and bright use of color versus a white, clean look. GoodHabitz and DEPT® reached a middle ground; a more business-like design was created, in which the existing colours are balanced. The colours now also have a clearer purpose, with each color representing a category within the GoodHabitz range. This way the website appears structured and clear.

Once concepts were defined and applied, DEPT® looked to improving online visibility, reach and sales. The new website is completely SEO-first, based on extensive keyword search data. Measurability of the entire B2B journey was also a main focus: from first interaction to orientation, demo requests to quotation, finally leading to a signed contract. Funnel and channel dashboards were implemented to monitor performance campaigns and conversion.

DEPT® used salesforce pardot to set up email flows to reactivate dormant prospects in the database. The goal was to reach potential clients through marketing and sales-focused emails, linked in campaigns and landing pages. Finally, DEPT® set up an overarching data architecture, integration and tooling advice, taking into account GoodHabitz’s ambition to be able to personalise via machine learning and algorithms on both the marketing and learning platforms.

The final product

DEPT®’s revamping of the GoodHabitz site covered every part of the delivery process, from Design and UX, to front and backend development, hosting, data, digital marketing and testing. The new GoodHabitz site retains the playful, colourful character of the old site, is available in seven languages ​​to match their international growth, and has a much clearer focus on HR professionals. The presentation of the ‘why’ and  ‘how’ of the GoodHabitz methodology, combined with bold design and increased visibility, makes GoodHabitz a winning choice.


What the future holds 

Despite the challenges presented by the current climate, GoodHabitz and DEPT® worked collaboratively and virtually. The success achieved from this partnership was attributed to excellent communication that crossed multiple national borders and time zones. Teams spread across Brazil, Portugal and Macedonia were able to come together and produce a beautifully designed, solidly built website, incorporating data processing for digital marketing. GoodHabitz and DEPT® look to the future of this partnership to expand on features including the addition of a chatbot. We look forward to it!


Client Director

Katy White

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