Turning up the heat on Amazon Ads

Frigidaire Case Header

Frigidaire, a subsidiary of Electrolux, has served as a renowned consumer and commercial home appliances company for over 100 years. Loyal customers rely on Frigidaire for high quality home appliances, including refrigerators, freezers, washers, dryers, air conditioners and dehumidifiers.

A full-funnel approach

Since 2019, Electrolux has put its full trust in FACTOR-A/DEPT® to manage its large product portfolio and develop an effective full-funnel approach that helps them to not only gain customers on Amazon in the US, but also maintain a strong relationship with those customers.

With our advertising and consulting services, we have applied a holistic approach to help Electrolux go from performing well on Amazon, to excelling above and beyond.

Electrolux is already an internationally known brand with an established presence on more traditional retail channels. Frigidaire aimed to continue building and strengthening brand awareness when it brought their Amazon business in-house, so elected to sell its inventory to Amazon from the beginning. This posed a unique challenge that led to us pursuing sell-through as the primary performance indicator.

Frigidaire Case Bedroom

Three objectives

The primary objective of this campaign was to build brand awareness, as Frigidaire brought its Amazon business in-house. We also aimed to position Frigidaire at the top of the market from the start.

We focused on building a strategy to help reach our goal of sell-through by positioning Frigidaire to reach many shoppers that were likely to make a purchase.

Finally, we aimed for a high category ranking, to take Frigidaire to the top of the Room & Air category in the US with our advertising efforts.

Our approach


Location targeting

Incorporating strategy consulting

Frigidaire Case Living Room

Getting to #1

This case was a perfect example of how a brand can fully utilise all of Amazon’s advertising products and achieve great results by implementing them in combination. We built a full-funnel advertising strategy that included all of the Sponsored Advertising products, as well as the Demand Side Platform (DSP).

Leveraged products:

  • Sponsored Products
  • Sponsored Brands
  • Sponsored Brands videos
  • Sponsored Display Ads
  • DSP

Sponsored Brands allowed us to achieve visibility in the upper funnel, but the majority of the budget was targeted on Sponsored Products Ads, as this ad type generated most of the revenue.

This shift allowed us to get to the top of search placements. We have also been using generic category targeting which has driven Frigidaire to the number one ranking in the Room & Air category.


This campaign and these efforts continue to run, and the results continue to improve even more. We hit 65% sell-through – a result that still continues to increase, and occurred even before the peak summer season.

DSP KPIs, April 2022

  • 3% CTR on video campaigns (benchmark: 0.3%)
  • 16.5 Total ROAS (benchmark: 6)
  • >100 Total ROAS in retargeting campaigns (benchmark: 20)

Due to this success, Electrolux has already planned to send more Frigidaire inventory to Amazon.


Strategy Consultant

Maxime Delatte


Inspiring and entertaining fans all over the globe

2022 came with clear goals for Inter. After updating the brand identity and iconic crest, together with Bureau Borsche, this year was all about overhauling Inter’s digital channels. With football becoming increasingly more digital — from Esports to global fandom and all kinds of digital ownership — Inter is ready to take on a leading position. And so, the following question arose: ‘How can we make our digital channels relevant for a broader global target audience?’ DEPT® answered and led the strategy, design and development of the new app and website.

INTER slanted static

The key takeaways

How Inter uses their digital channels to grow the global fandom.

How Inter boosts sponsor activations.

How Inter connects the brand to culture.

Growing the global fandom

Football wouldn’t be football without the fans. And don’t the Nerazzuri know it. To cater to a global audience that might be interested in ‘more’ than football, we settled upon a new digital experience strategy with a focus on Milanese culture, players and stories. Content is truly king here. The same goes for Inter TV, which gives fans around the world access to a whole bunch of video content. Still, anything and everything match related is of course also available in the new Match Center, which comes with engagement features such as ‘Man of the match’. Last but not least, a differentiation is also applied into the channel strategy, with web focussing mainly on (international) sports fans whereas the app is really meant for the hardcore fans of the black and blues.

Fans can now follow Inter in a more immersive way through the website and app that have been renewed thanks to the valuable collaboration with DEPT®

Luca Danovaro, Chief Revenue Officer at FC Internazionale Milano

INTER players

Boosting sponsor activations

The new website and app host a myriad of commercial opportunities for both Inter and their sponsors, partners and advertisers. These range from well-known options such as bannering and promotional slots, to more exclusive options such as dedicated microsites with custom immersive experiences that really put Inter’s key sponsors and partners in the spotlight. The first microsite was launched in early July to present the new 2022 kits together with Nike. Other than that, Inter’s digital channels make use of accounts behind a login that give access to Inter TV and unlock exclusive content and other benefits.

Connecting brand to culture

For Inter, football is one side. Culture is the other. So it comes as no surprise that culture gets a prominent spot in the channels. Players are pushed forward on culture pages, sharing their stories, interests and likes beyond football. With around 1 out of 5 fans more interested in the player than in the game (according to The European Football Benchmark 2021) there’s certainly a demand to fill here. In the future, Inter will expand their culture pages with a focus on (local) celeb fans and their love for Milan — making the global local.

INTER jerseys

Looking ahead

Just like on the field, in order to succeed digitally a great strategy is a must. That’s why all channels have dedicated roadmaps. These contain several future releases with new pages around collaborations and the Milanese culture, an ‘IM Premium’ account tier with even more content and benefits, special microsites with other sponsors, exclusive Inter NFTs and much more. The new digital channels are just the beginning of Inter’s commitment to becoming a leading club in terms of digital fan engagement and experience. Forza Inter!

FORZA INTER! Explore the website


Head of Strategy

Lucas Nutbey

Simple Feast

Nyt e-commerce site til det B Corp-certificerede brand bag bæredygtig hverdagsmad

D Hero 2

Simple Feast ønskede at redesigne deres site, og valget faldt på DEPT®. De to B Corp-certificerede brands samarbejder nu om at skabe en digital platform, der afspejler den bæredygtighed, kvalitet og convenience, som Simple Feast står for.

2022 jan camp desktop dk 4mb 0 00 12 09 1

Simple Feast sætter bæredygtighed i fokus

Hos Simple Feast er missionen enkel: at skabe fremtidens bæredygtige mad. Med deres velkomponerede måltidskasser gør de det både nemt og lækkert at spise sundt, økologisk og miljøvenligt. Menuerne er udviklet af nogle af verdens førende kokke og leveres klar til at komme i gryderne, så travle mennesker kan samles om middagsbordet med god mad lavet fra bunden.

Alt i Simple Feasts sortiment er vegetarisk eller vegansk, og alt er gennemsyret af bæredygtighedsprincippet; fra sæsonbetingede menuer med lokale, økologiske råvarer til bæredygtig emballage og leveringskasser, der kan bruges igen og igen.

De mange initiativer, som Simple Feast tager for at skabe et positivt aftryk, har udløst en B Corp-certificering. I 2021 besluttede brandet at booste deres e-commerce gennem et redesign af deres site, og her faldt valget på DEPT®, der selv modtog sin B Corp-certificering senere samme år.

D Fullscreen UI 6

Udfordring: rebel i et red ocean marked

Måltidskasser på abonnement er et red ocean marked, hvor kampen om at hverve og fastholde kunder er kontinuerlig og intens. For at lykkes med sin mission og brænde igennem med sit budskab om bæredygtighed måtte Simple Feast skille sig ud fra mængden. Det var derfor afgørende, at det nye site formidlede fortællingen om deres mission klart og med et unikt og genkendeligt udtryk, der afspejlede deres brandidentitet som rebellen i markedet.

Med andre ord skulle det nye site gøre det klart for kunderne, hvad de betaler for, når de køber en måltidskasse fra markedets grønne rebel. At vælge Simple Feast er ikke bare et spørgsmål om convenience og kvalitet; det er et bidrag til indsatsen for at gøre verden til et bedre sted.

Derudover var det et centralt mål også at øge salget af Simple Feasts anden produktgruppe: eksklusive “essentials”-produkter som kvalitetsyoghurt, hjemmelavet granola og glas med comfort food klar til opvarmning. I opbygningen af sitet var det altså vigtigt at sikre, at essentials blev introduceret som et naturligt tilkøb i samspil med måltidskasserne.

D Full screen UI 8

Løsningen: rebelsk og brugervenlig

Det kreative bureau Waaitt har udformet den visuelle identitet, som DEPT® fik til opgave at udrulle digitalt. Stilen er stærk, modig og utraditionel. Med sine klare farver og skarpe fonts udstråler det visuelle udtryk netop den rebelske attitude, som afspejles i brandets stærke budskaber.

Lige så vigtigt som det visuelle udtryk, var det, at sitet var brugervenligt og fungerede på tværs af Simple Feasts tre markeder, Danmark, Sverige og USA. Så for at sikre den rette balance mellem genkendelighed og rebelskhed har vi hentet inspiration i best practice inden for e-commerce og holdt fokus på at rokke ved konventionerne gennem det stærke design.

Målet var altså at skabe et website, der var rebelsk og præsenterede Simple Feast som frontløberne, der skaber fremtidens mad. Vi havde derfor brug for at skabe et formsprog, der skærer ind til benet og skiller sig ud fra mængden. Løsningen blev brutalisme.

For at nå ind til kernen og udstråle autenticitetet har vi bevæget os væk fra den nøje kuraterede æstetik og skåret alt det overflødige fra. Udtrykket er enkelt med mange grids og billeder helt ud til kanten. Med andre ord har vi skabt et site, der er som sit brand: simpelt.

50 50 10

Et B Corp-brand, der brænder igennem

Simple Feast er et modigt brand, der er noget særligt og vil noget særligt. Deres kerneprodukt er ikke bare endnu en måltidskasse; den er pakket med ambitioner og omtanke. Og det samme gælder nu for deres site.

Sammen med Simple Feast er vi lykkedes med at skabe et digitalt udtryk, der er meget deres eget. Arbejdet med at redesigne undersiderne fortsætter, men missionen om at udstråle brandets ambitiøse og aktivistiske ånd er allerede fuldført: Sitet skiller sig ud fra mængden og emmer af rebelskhed.

D Fullscreen UI 13

Det er en fornøjelse at arbejde med brands, der gerne vil opnå noget og har noget på hjerte. Derfor er det fedt at få lov at hjælpe en anden B Corp-virksomhed, Simple Feast, i deres målsætning om at gøre verden til et bedre sted gennem bæredygtighed, one meal at a time.

Marie Spliid Kirkegaard, UX Manager hos DEPT®

Oplev sitet


UX Manager

Marie Spliid Kirkegaard


Boosting the job market with data-driven solutions

Randstad 1a

As the largest employment agency in the Netherlands, Randstad has an enormous database of vacancies and outstanding advertisements for all available jobs. Maintaining an overview of current advertisements can therefore be quite a challenge. Which platforms contribute to conversions? And which job ads are still online when they should be offline? New data-driven solutions make it easier and more efficient for Randstad to show vacancies in the right place and fill them.

Randstad 2

Scalability as a requirement

Scalability is a must for Randstad. All solutions were therefore developed within Google Cloud Platform with the idea that another country within the Randstad Global organisation can easily make use of the same technology. Our data models and machine learning applications are generic and can be applied to data from other countries. 

In this way, we developed solutions that are reusable, reduce future development costs for other countries, and allow the business impact of solutions to be scaled up quickly.

iStock 1181590443 scaled

A personalised attribution framework

We created a custom-made attribution framework in Google Cloud that completely fits Randstad’s modus operandi and maps out the entire customer journey of thousands of applicants. A framework that makes it easier for marketers within Randstad to collect data, gain insights and experiment with campaigns to achieve the desired results. The complete attribution framework consists of four steps:

Data collection

Structuring data into customer journeys.


Build and automate data-driven attribution models.

Gathering insights

Visualise attribution outputs and then gain insights.


Based on the insights, changes are made to the campaigns through experiments within marketing channels and budgets. This is the step where actual business value is generated.

woman in meeting

A smart supply and demand model

Randstad wants to eliminate or reduce media spend for vacancies that already receive a lot of supply from the market in order to reduce unnecessary costs. Our solution: the demand and supply model. This model uses data sources from the job feed, Randstad’s own database, and Google Analytics to generate the required input variables. The raw data is then transferred to Bigquery, the data warehouse in Google Cloud Platform, and a fill score is calculated on a daily basis. These scores are sent to various databases for the marketing and IT teams to use, helping Randstad to be more data-driven as an organisation:

  • Online marketing optimisation: the scores are used to determine whether a vacancy should be pushed to paid channels. When the score of the demand and supply model exceeds a certain threshold, it is no longer pushed. The vacancy can however still remain active, but then has a higher chance to receive applicants through organic channels.
  • Platform optimisation: the scores can be used for activation on the Randstad website. Jobs that are harder to fill are placed on specific pages to generate more traction.

Data-driven, efficient and cost-saving

The results

The tailor-made solutions we developed together with Randstad help Randstad as an organisation to:

  • Become more data-driven;
  • Be more efficient with its media budget;
  • Improve the online user experience of potential or existing candidates


Data Scientist

Rick van Sintmaartensdijk


Refreshing a century-old brand for today’s world

Alongside DEPT®, Wilson repositioned themselves and authored a proactive, authentic mission for the brand and business: “empower every human to live life like an athlete.” 

On this foundation, we set out to refresh the brand identity and execute a digital launch strategy for Wilson Sportswear from concept through production.

The need to stand for something 

Wilson, the iconic American sporting goods brand, came to us at an inflection point.

The company had been at the centre of sport for over a century, making world-class hard goods like balls, bats, rackets, clubs, and gloves to give athletes an edge. While their products were well-known by athletes around the world, they were preparing to launch their first-ever apparel line and recognised that the brand needed to stand for something bigger.

We started by shaking down the brand through a visual audit and interviews with employees and athletes to understand brand perception and the role that sport plays in their lives. 

We learned unequivocally that sports matter. They add meaning to our lives. They teach us things. 

How to persist. How to work together. How to fail. And most importantly, that what lies within is bigger than anything that lies ahead.

You don’t reinvent a 100-year-old brand. You find its soul and give it room to grow.

No primetime athletes.

No cut-throat competition. No winning or losing.

Our creative showed only everyday athletes who play for the love of the sport.

Wilson Case Study Brand Carousel 01

Redefining athlete

“Athlete” is considered a title reserved for a chosen few. It conjures up ideas of physical ability and big-name fame. When people think “athlete,” they think of the ones they see on TV. Blood, sweat, and tears. Walking out of tunnels, arms raised in victory.

Our go-to-market strategy for the first year of Wilson Sportswear was to challenge these stereotypes by representing the athletic spirit that lives inside us all and plays on without expecting anything in return.

Wilson brand identity

Spirited collaboration despite the odds

Design and product development, in sync

The timing of our brand identity work allowed BASIC/DEPT® designers to explore and refine a new visual language for the Wilson brand at the same time their internal teams developed the inaugural Sportswear collection. As a result, we were able to influence everything from packaging to hang tags, even branding on the collection itself. 

Brand guidelines 

Empowering a global team to create with long-term consistency. We crafted an all-new brand book consisting of a design system, photography guidelines, and company culture material. 

Social launch 

A familiar format to carry on the conversation. For year one, we proposed orienting the brand around biweekly “drops.” This construct was proven in the category and gave Wilson a way to establish a heartbeat of product stories based on cultural moments, capsules, and collaborations.

Remote content production

The restraints of the pandemic didn’t hold us back. We were able to safely plan and produce multi-day shoots in LA to sustain the launch phase and months of drops to follow. 


VP of Growth

Asher Wren


En kompleks flersproget, multisite-migration til Optimizely

1 Image Full bleed@1

Jotun er en global producent af maling med hovedkvarter i Norge med repræsentation i mere end 100 lande og speciale i maling til interiør, både, beskyttelse og pulverlakering. Med mere end 38 fabrikker og 67 firmaer på verdensplan har Jotun en omsætning på 17,2 milliarder kroner. Virksomheden bad DEPT® om hjælp til valg af CMS og migrering af alle 91 variationer af dens B2B og B2C-hjemmesider, der tilsammen tæller mere end 60,000 sider, til en ny Optimizely-løsning.

6 Desktop@1

Udfordringens omfang

Som en global producent af malerprodukter til både industri og private kunder, har Jotun separate B2B og B2C-hjemmesider med vidt forskellige formål og behov. Det primære formål med sitet til private kunder er at inspirere kunderne og fremme efterspørgslen i butikkerne gennem smukke billeder, interaktive løsninger og designidéer, der understøttes af praktisk rådgivning som produktinformation og vejledninger.

Jotuns B2B-site fungerer som en kundeportal, hvor forhandlere og distributører kan logge på for at få adgang til skræddersyede værktøjer, produkter og teknisk information for at udvide deres kendskab til Jotuns produkter og accelerere deres egen forretning. Produkter, værktøjer og andet indhold vises dynamisk for de individuelle brugere, så det er relevant for deres branche, side om side med personaliserede beskeder og kontoinformation.

Målet for projektet var at finde en ny teknologiløsning og migrere samtlige 91 (et stadigt stigende tal) lande- og sprogversioner af B2C- og B2B-siderne inden for 12 måneder.

2 Image Mobile@1

En fremtidssikret løsning

Med en bred vifte af krav og fremtidsplaner at tage højde for havde Jotun brug for at migrere til en alsidig og fremtidssikret løsning. Efter en grundig analyse af virksomhedens eksisterende og fremtidige krav samt en dybdegående sammenligning af platforme og en gennemgang af proof of concept identificerede Jotun Optimizely som den rette platform til deres behov.

Mens de eksisterende B2B- og B2C-platforme var blevet bygget på CMS’et SDL Tridion, kunne Optimizelys DXP (digital experience platform) tilbyde fleksibiliteten og muligheden for at fremme deres digitale muligheder i fremtiden.

Udover at give en forbedret oplevelse for CMS-redaktører tilbyder DXP’en gode muligheder, inden for content og e-handel, som Jotun-teamet kan basere fremtidige website-forbedringer på. Platformen håndterer også flere hjemmesider og sprog med lethed og stiller en række hosting-muligheder til rådighed, blandt andet en fuldt administreret cloud-løsning med Microsoft Azure for at minimere den tid, det kræver af de interne IT-teams overhead.

3 Desktop Angle@1


DEPT® har samarbejdet med Jotun siden 2016 for at bygge virksomhedens eksisterende platforme og har derigennem opbygget en forståelse for virksomhedens kompleksitet og forretningsmål. DEPT® er desuden ekspert i at udvikle store content management-løsninger og er derfor ikke bare rustet godt til at rådgive Jotun om deres valg af CMS men også til at administrere den komplekse migration.

Selv om DEPT® allerede havde kendskab til Jotuns digitale drift, var discovery-fasen afgørende for til fulde at forstå det eksisterende landskab, de digitale redaktørers behov og de ikke-funktionelle krav samt identificere den teknologiarkitektur og de integrationer, det nye setup vil kræve.

Henover en række workshops gennemførte vi en audit af de forskellige sider og komponenter for at forstå og dokumentere samtlige skabeloner, egenskaber og funktioner. Det dannede grundlaget for de nye tekniske krav, da det hjalp os forstå, hvor og hvor ofte de enkelte komponenter blev brugt på tværs af siderne.

Vi gennemgik SEO for at udvikle en konkret migrationsstrategi, der sikrede, at ingen viden gik tabt, såvel som analyser for at forstå kravene til de nye sider og sikre, at alle sider blev tagget korrekt, før de gik live. Vi afholdt desuden fokusgrupper med slutbrugerne, så vi kunne genskabe de elementer, de kunne lide ved det eksisterende setup, og udbedre de elementer, der frustrerede dem.

8 Image Full bleed@1

En fleksibel teknisk løsning

Efter den eksisterende løsning og de fremtidige behov var blevet gennemgået grundigt i discovery-fasen, kunne Depts tekniske eksperter udtænke en optimal arkitektur, der kunne møde alle sikkerheds- og ikke-funktionelle krav: En specifikation, der gennemgik samtlige elementer såvel som den overordnede tekniske tilgang.

Projektet blev i nogen grad forenklet af det faktum, at vi først havde udfærdiget både B2B- og B2C-løsningerne med headless arkitektur ved at gøre brug af React.JS til front-end og SDL Tridion til back-end. Ved at skille front-end og back-end ad på denne måde kunne vi fortsætte med CMS-migrationen med minimalt arbejde på React-applikationen og integrere Optimizely via et abstraheret API-lag.

Maksimering af funktionalitet

01 Adgang og personalisering

02 Optimizely Find

03 Kombinationen af content og e-handel

5 Image Mobile@1

Kompeks content-migration

Gennem Depts dybdegående tilgang til discovery-fasen, hvor vores content-specialister havde direkte adgang til det eksisterende CMS, gennemførte visuelle evalueringer og diskuterede behov med Jotuns content-redaktørerne, fik teamet en god fornemmelse af Jotuns content-behov for at udvikle en effektiv migrationsplan.

Da det blev tid til at tackle hovedopgaven – content-migrationen – var en af de centrale udfordringer, som vi identificerede i discovery-fasen, at SDL Tridion er et komponent-baseret system, der giver redaktører mulighed for at bygge sider af en række komponenter, mens Optimizely er en side-baseret løsning, hvor redaktører kan tilføje eller tilrette content ud fra sideskabeloner, der er defineret på forhånd.

Content-migration er i forvejen den mest risikofyldte fase og en af de faser, der med størst sandsynlighed vil skabe forsinkelser – i særdeleshed når antallet af sider er så stort, som det er tilfældet for Jotun. Men i dette tilfælde var udfordringen ekstra stor, da regionale hjemmesider ofte bruger helt andre layouts til samme sidetype som det globale site, hvilket betyder, at det er stort set umuligt at automatisere sidemigration uden store fejl.

Gennem en række content-revisioner identificerede vores specialister mere end 35 sideskabeloner og over 100 komponenter, der var blevet brugt uden standardisering på tværs af forskellige markeder. For at sikre effektiv migration af de 35 skabeloner på tværs af alle sider, startede vi med at implementere et niveauinddelingssystem for at rangere siderne efter værdi, og dermed også risiko, afhængig af hvor fremtrædende og strukturelt kompleks den enkelte side var.

Herefter kunne vi identificere de ni sideformater, der blev brugt mest konsistent på tværs af langt de fleste af de 60.000 sider, hvor vi kunne anvende automatiserede scripts til at teste for variationer i sidestruktur og migrere siderne med lav risiko. De omtrent 800 resterende sider med højere risiko blev gennemgået manuelt og migreret af DEPT® og Jotuns content-redaktører.

DEPT® indgik hurtigt i Jotuns content management- og marketingteam. Vores specialister afholdt mere end 20 træningssessioner for Jotuns contentredaktører på de regionale kontorer rundt om i verden for at sikre en nem overgang til det nye CMS.


DEPT® er stolte af den rolle, vi har spillet i Jotuns digitale rejse. Efter en succesfuld migration af samtlige 91 hjemmesider og 60.000 sider fra SDL Tridion til Optimizely er Jotuns nye digitale arkitektur mere effektiv og effektfuld for eksterne såvel som interne brugere. En højere grad af standardisering på tværs af hjemmesider styrker brandet, og der er nu lagt et fundament for fremskyndingen af Jotuns digitale aktiviteter i månederne og årene forude.


Managing Director

Jonas Roland Therkildsen


Spotifys Music + Talk giver nyt liv til podcasting

Podcasts har i de seneste år oplevet en eksponentiel vækst i popularitet. Lovgivningen om ophavsret betyder dog, at det kan være en udfordring at tilføje musik til sit lydspor.

Takket være Spotifys nye løsning Music + Talk hører disse udfordringer nu fortiden til.

Adgang til over 60 millioner sange

Nu kan digitale kreatører frit kombinere deres egne optagelser med numre fra Spotify ved hjælp af Anchor – en gratis app til at skabe og distribuere podcasts. 

Resultatet er en ny genre inden for podcasts: Music + Talk.
Studio Dumbar (Part of Dept) blev udvalgt til at skabe den visuelle identitet til det banebrydende brand. 


Spotifys målsætning med Music + Talk er at blive en vigtig spiller på det globale podcastmarked og samtidig revolutionere måden, hvorpå lydindhold bliver skabt og delt, og give det nyt liv. 
Det nye brand måtte derfor kommunikere deres energi og ambition, mens det samtidig sad trygt side om side med Spotify og Anchor. Udtrykket skulle være fleksibelt, nemt at arbejde med og stærkt nok til at tiltrække podcastscenens store stjerner såvel som næste generation af talent.


I tæt samarbejde med Spotify og vores søsterbureau, Byte (en del af Dept), skabte vi et pulserende brand med bevægelse i sin DNA. Logoet kommunikerer krystalklart produktets formål. Formerne med ordene Music + Talk tilfører personlighed og udgør samtidig et fundament for den bredere visuelle identitet. Når figurerne er i bevægelse, ser man dem strække sig ud og trække sig sammen, så de udtrykker lydens pulserende energi og skaber en større familie af former, som tilsammen danner mønstre. Uanset om disse mønstre skæres til, roteres eller vises i forskellige farvekombinationer, forbliver de genkendelige selv uden brug af logoet, og de fungerer derfor som et karakteristisk fundament, der giver den visuelle identitet fleksibilitet. Lydlogoet udgør ligeledes en integreret del af den visuelle identitet: en kort, mindeværdig jingle skabt for at gøre det let at identificere video- og lydinhold, der er lavet til Music + Talk-formatet.


Identiteten vil fortsat blive udrullet, efterhånden som nyt indhold bliver produceret og delt via Music + Talk. Alle designmaterialer er gjort tilgængelige online, ledsaget af udførlige brand-guidelines. Det sikrer en konsistent og sammenhængende identitet, uanset hvordan det bruges, og hvor i verden designeren befinder sig.


Managing Director

Jonas Roland Therkildsen


Stokke sætter nye online standarder

Stokke Retail in asia

Den smarte Tripp-Trapp-højstol fra Stokke – populær hos både store og små. Det norske kultbrand stræber efter målet om at blive global markedsleder inden for børnemøbler og barnevogne af høj kvalitet. For at komme tættere på at indfri denne vision tog Stokke fat i DEPT® for at redesigne webbutikken og samtidig linke den til brandbutikkerne i London og Sindelfingen.

Stokke relancerer sin nye webbutik

Stokke har igen valgt Salesforce Commerce Cloud som sin e-handelsplatform. DEPT® optimerede webbutikkens tekniske ydeevne og moderniserede designet for at øge salget online. Eksisterende funktioner – såsom produktkonfigurationsværktøjet eller butikssøgefunktionen – er blevet migreret til den nye platform og perfektioneret. Den nye webbutik blev lanceret forskudt i Storbritannien, USA, EMEA, forskellige APAC-lande og Rusland..

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Online og fysisk brandtilstedeværelse er ustoppelige, når de kombineres

“Endless aisle”-løsning i brandbutikken

Med Brand Stores baner Stokke vejen for en unik brand-oplevelse og skaber det perfekte sammenspil mellem et minimalistisk, moderne design og en naturlig, nordisk stemning. I tråd med strategien om at bruge butikken som en digital salgskanal besluttede Stokke at gøre shopping muligt uden et salgssted, samtidig med at der blev udviklet en problemfri shoppeoplevelse på tværs af kanaler. DEPT® forbandt derfor den fysiske butik med webbutikken ved at integrere tablet-appen “Endless Aisle” i Stokkes Salesforce Commerce Cloud-miljø.

Denne app udvider Salesforce Commerce Clouds funktioner til den lokale butik. Ved hjælp af tablets kan Stokke tilbyde sine kunder det samlede udvalg af produkter – både online og i butikken. Hvis kunden vælger et produkt i butikken, gennemføres købet kontantfrit via appen med et kreditkort, og produktet kan enten tages med hjem med det samme eller leveres til kundens hjem (eller en anden foretrukken adresse).

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  • Et større udvalg af produkter i butikken.
  • Betalinger kan gennemføres overalt i butikken.
  • Lange køer er fortid.
  • Hjemmelevering.

DEPT® var ansvarlig for hele projektstyringen og -implementeringen. Vores partner, XCEPTANCE, var ansvarlig for testplanlægning og -implementering.


Technical Director

Dennis Alperstedt


Hyper-personalised video marketing to increase brand awareness

enyaq opener 732d19

Founded over 120 years ago, ŠKODA AUTO, a Czech based automobile manufacturer, has produced millions of cars. The company recently designed a new model named Škoda Fabia and wanted to increase their brand awareness and brand loyalty in the Swiss market. So DEPT®, together with the communications agency DD COM, created and implemented a global YouTube campaign for the car brand.

skoda kodiaq dynamisch 1520

Hyper-personalised videos

Google Director Mix enables marketers to hyper-personalise images, sounds and text in a video to the physical environment of various target groups. So our team of experts leveraged this tool to create different variants of one video. We started by creating different target groups and categorizing them. Next, we developed different combinations of one video by rearranging the sequence, text and audio. This resulted in the creation of 150 different videos in three different languages which can also be used for YouTube advertising. 


Brand awareness growth


Landing pages

The results

This enabled Škoda’s video marketing to scale and reach a wide range of different target groups with individualised YouTube TrueView ads. Overall, we achieved a Best in Class Lift in Brand Awareness. We created 150 different videos for various target audiences based on one original idea. 


Managing Director Digital Marketing

Lasse Rasmussen


Tuck into the future of food

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Have you ever been unsure as to what you’d like for dinner and are struggling to find local restaurant menus online? Just Eat Takeaway makes that process easier by gathering the menus of all your favourite local places to eat on one website. So it’s not only a solution for customers but also a gateway for restaurants to reach more people.

takeaway2 scaled

Using data to help local restaurants

The global online food delivery marketplace started off as a small Dutch brand and has transformed into a global platform that operates in eleven countries and caters to over fourteen million customers annually. To ensure they remained a leading global player, the company decided to accelerate its digital transformation. The result? A new, innovative B2B marketplace which caters to the needs of restaurateurs by leveraging the wealth of data the company has at its disposal.

takeaway3 1 scaled

Elevating the existing design

Aside from enabling consumers to order food online, the food delivery company also has a B2B marketplace which enables restaurant owners to purchase both food and non-food items from third-party sellers. Using the wealth of customer data at its disposal, Just Eat Takeaway wanted its marketplace to become more data-driven. To make this possible, our team needed to enhance the designs of the current marketplace while also migrating the brand’s existing platform of Magento to Commercetools and Prismic. Thanks to Commercetools API-first capabilities, the company could then provide regional insights into consumer demand which could help local restaurants better tailor their menu’s. In addition to local supply, demand and recommendations of all their items.

To do this, we started by conducting a quick but intensive design sprint during which we analysed the customer journey and current pain points for restaurant owners. This led us to create initial sketches of what the marketplace could look like and we refined this based on the company’s current system, their desires and also Commercetools capabilities. This enabled us to implement new features which focused on creating more customer convenience than ever before. Our team also made a number of functional optimisations such as an improved navigation structure and the possibility to quickly re-order items that one purchases frequently rather than having to comb through the entire catalogue.

takeaway4 scaled

Catering to the needs of sellers

One of the biggest challenges of rolling out the new B2B marketplace was the complexity of it as sellers have access to their portal through which they can offer their products. So we designed the new setup with a simpler navigation process which enables each seller to easily visualise each order line per restaurant. By implementing Commercetools this integrated Adyen MarketPay which enables restaurateurs to make one payment which is then divided into the accounts of each seller. The integration process was easy as the company had a headless setup which made it easier to connect external channels to the existing commerce environment.

The next steps? Rolling out the new webshop in other countries while catering to each region’s needs while also continuing to optimise the existing platform based on feedback from both restaurateurs and Just Eat Takeaway. These digital innovations help future-proof the company by renewing its position as a leading global food delivery system.


UX Design & Research Lead

Franklin Schamhart

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