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Accelerating the Digital Future of the Non-Profit Sector: Top 3 trends for 2021


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There are more than 10 million non-profit organisations around the world. From arts to education, humanities to health, the non-profit sector is vital to our development as a fair, ethical, inclusive and humane global society. As we stare down a number of highly complex challenges with global implications – climate change, income inequality, an aging population, and more – the need for the services that charities provide is only increasing.

2020 threw even more challenges into the mix. While all industries have been impacted by the pandemic, perhaps none so vividly as the non-profit sector. As demand increased for health and social services, the organisations delivering them were impacted by a reduction in donations, fundraising plans being derailed and their over-stretched workforces being grounded. 

Despite the obvious challenges of 2020, we’ve seen that the public will support initiatives that they believe in; the challenge for many non-profits is reaching them. As we become accustomed to managing our lives at the touch of our fingertips, we’ve come to expect all interactions to happen digitally, in real-time. Non-profits are not exempt from this desired level of convenience, transparency and personalisation. 

While many non-profits are at a breaking point, 2021 offers hope that solutions can be found. Digital technology can help charities use their greatest asset in the battle for consumer attention – their charitable purpose – to remain relevant, regain public trust and meet the growing need for the services they provide. 

We believe a number of key trends will emerge in 2021 that will help these organisations to recover: 

  • Redefining purpose to engage a new generation of supporters
  • Next-level virtual fundraising initiatives
  • Digital solutions for measuring real-world impact

Download our longread to learn more about the trends that will shape the non-profit sector in 2021 and beyond.