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DeptCares Day 2018


The DeptCares Day is that one specific day a year where we provide our employees with the opportunity to make the world a better place by volunteering for different initiatives. From donating possessions to donating hours: we do what we do best, using our time and expertise to help one another. This year, we are doing it bigger and better than ever: organising the DeptCares Day for Dept worldwide!


This year, the DeptCares Day will be held on the 8th of December. Since December is all about holiday festivities, we want to do something in return for those who have limited resources in enjoying the holiday season. And, did you know that December is the largest giving month of the year? So this is the perfect opportunity to share your holiday spirit with others.

Last year, during the DeptCares Day, Depsters made a lot of people happy by working on brilliant ideas during a Hackathon for Justdiggit as well as by decorating houses of elderly in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Berlin. To refresh your memory, check out last year’s after movie!

No, this is not another obligated December-event, whether or not you participate is all up to you. But in case you have some hours to spare on December 8th, make sure to put the DeptCares Day in your calendar. Obviously, if you choose to do so, you will be rewarded with many karma points!

Is your city participating? Let’s have a look:

Rotterdam / Amsterdam / Veenendaal

With the holidays fast approaching, everybody should be able to enjoy a lovely Christmas. That’s why the Dutch offices are teaming up with the Salvation Army’s Goodwill Centre to help out with various Christmas activities for those in need of some extra support.


What is nicer than going on a trip together? That’s why the Zurich office has scheduled a trip to the zoo, together with refugees. In that way, both Depsters and refugees can enjoy themselves together and have an unforgettable day.


Depsters in Cologne are partnering up with the Red Cross and will be donating toys to children refugees. On DeptCares Day, they’ll be taking the kids on a wonderful excursion to the Odysseum, Cologne’s science museum.


The Hamburg office will be visiting the university hospital UKE, to do something great for the children’s section. Packed with materials and such (think of waffle makers, games & handicraft work), we will give these children a day to never forget!


The national holiday in Macedonia on the 8th December won’t stop the Depsters in Skopje to distribute used clothes to the Red Cross’ Second Hand Shop (December 7), to cook a meal for the homeless (December 7), and to go out and clean the green picnic areas nearby a local monastery and a lake (December 8). (Keep an eye out for the box in the office to collect used clothes).


A special school in Jena needs some extra help. The Jena office will be at the School’s Christmas market on December 5 to sell Gluhwein and Stollen (German Christmas cake). All proceeds will go towards renovating the school.


The Berlin offices will team up with the “Berliner Stadtmission” and will have a nice Christmas afternoon at one of their locations. We will (most likely) support the “Creative Christmas Day” initiative for kids from socially disadvantaged and refugee families. More details will follow, but we already know for certain that it’s going to be a wonderful day!


In Copenhagen, all Depsters will donate clothes, toys, kitchenware and other relevant stuff to the Red Cross or a similar organisation. The hand-over of the donated items will take place on December 8. So take a tour around your house and bring along some good stuff to the office!


The Manchester offices will team up with homeless charity Mustard Tree to help out in the soup kitchen. They will also take part in their present donation initiative, and will be donating and wrapping gifts of food and essential items for those struggling to make ends meet.


To be announced.


The DeptCares Day is part of the bigger DeptCares program. Within this program, we are supporting local initiatives through volunteering projects such as helping Stichting Jarig Job and organising the DeptCares Day. Moreover, DeptCares is also about putting our expertise to work at impactful clients and non-profit organisations like JINC, Justdiggit and Heroes & Friends.