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June 23, 2020

Dept Talks Live - SEO today and beyond


SEO is an established marketing discipline – surrounded by numerous myths. To be organically successful, it is no longer enough to use simple tricks for search engines. But which SEO trends should be followed closely, which practices promise sustainable visibility?

Our Dept Talks Live – brought to you via stream – provide you with three expert opinions on SEO – each from a different perspective: Google names first-hand success factors for your search engine management and Searchmetrics highlights important SEO trends based on data. Dept rounds it all off with an outside-the-box look at organic potential beyond the classic Google search.

17:00 – 17:30

Insights from Google

Martin Splitt — Developer Advocate WTA, Google

Martin Splitt is one of the most important contacts at Google for search engine optimizers. As a “Developer Advocate” he regularly appears as a speaker and on the YouTube channel “Google Webmasters”. In his talk, Martin Splitt will tell us firsthand what website operators have to pay attention to in order to remain visible on and successful with Google in the future. In the Q&A that follows the talk, Martin Splitt will answer the most urgent questions from the audience (the questions will be asked in advance by the participants and moderated at the event).

17:30 – 18:00

Myth or Trend?

Malte Landwehr — VP Product, Searchmetrics

Over the past few years, we were told that keywords are dead. Then, mobile was supposed to change everything. After that, voice. Now, everything is completely different again with BERT. Stop. Malte Landwehr gives us the fact check. With the help of data, he highlights topics that concern the SEO scene. He shows us what is simply a myth and what is an actually sustainable trend that will continue to matter.

18:00 – 18:30

Potentials along the Organic Customer Journey

Simon Griesser — Head of SEO, Dept

By far the largest proportion of organic visitors comes from Google. The top spots on Google are heavily contested and there are good reasons for SEOs not to limit themselves to the classic search on Google. Universal search, other search engines, other search systems – Simon Griesser shows potentials along the organic customer journey that will continue to be promising in the future.

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