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Using social advertising to empower brands

growth in engagement rate
growth in relevant website traffic

Despite these difficult times, global brand Microsoft wanted to continue to add value to the live’s of their customers. But how can the company inspire and empower people and organisations to do more in a time of crisis? Discover how Dept helped Microsoft craft and always-on content and social advertising strategy for the Dutch market which would continue to empower professionals during COVID-19.

Using social advertising to get closer to your target audience

When COVID-19 first hit, many companies paused their marketing campaigns. However, Microsoft wanted to continue to deliver value via their content at a time when people needed it the most. Thanks to our long-standing partnership with the brand, we were able to craft a tailored social advertising strategy that shared high-quality content and encouraged engagement while continuing to raise the company’s brand awareness.

Dorien Aerts, CMO Microsoft Belux: “We are very grateful to Dept for their valuable collaboration. Especially in these unforeseen times, we managed to get the most out of our social media presence without seeming insensitive. ”



Adding value via a carefully curated social media campaign


So how did we provide users with relevant content during one of the most challenging times the world has ever known? COVID-19 has changed how social advertising works and one’s strategy should go beyond generating sales. So we focused on adding value to each sector and industry. We did not work with set target groups, instead, we prioritised the needs of the whole and shared content that could be useful for all. 

So how could Microsoft help you grow as an organisation or an individual? Thought leadership and empowering content was at the centre of our strategy. This led us to create content and setting up multiple campaigns targeting multiple sectors, such as healthcare and education, with tips as to how to manage to work remotely and how various Microsoft products can facilitate this process. 


Boosting the company's digital presence

Despite these difficult times, Microsoft’s diverse and supportive social campaign was a hit. The company managed to strengthen its ties with its online target group as shown by the 86% increase in online engagement and the numerous shares per post. This new campaign will help shape the company’s digital marketing strategy going forward and proves that adding value, not selling, will yield greater results for companies.