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Streamlined solutions for the leading pan-European exchange

increase in mobile traffic
Drupal integrations

Euronext is the leading pan-European stock exchange, listing the likes of L’Oreal, Danone and Phillips. They give international customers access to a broad range of financial products across six regulated markets. However, the company lacked a cohesive web experience that complemented their brand and products. So, they choose Dept to be their partner in their digital strategy. This was largely based on our work with the Irish Stock Exchange in 2018. Through user research, content strategy, and technology solutions, Dept transformed Euronext’s fragmented web presence into a streamlined experience across three websites.

Transforming fifteen websites into three

In order to streamline Euronext’s digital presence, we had to consolidate and replace fifteen separate bourse websites into three interconnected sites. These three websites are targeted to a specific stage in the Euronext customer journey. These are the B2B marketing portal, which is designed to attract new Euronext customers, explain their business, and showcase their products and services. Once prospective customers become members of Euronext they can use Euronext Connect, the customer portal. The third website, Euronext Live, is a market data website targeted mainly at retail investors. 


we consolidated fifteen bourse websites into three interconnected sites

Working together

Our main focus was, the B2B marketing portal and first step in the Euronext customer journey. This website showcases the Euronext brand and explains its pan-European model, products and services to potential customers.  Our task was to create a unified message and build a robust lead-generation channel for the business. This website directs retail investors to Euronext Live for market data, and existing Euronext customers to their portal, Euronext Connect. 

The B2B marketing portal required immediate and ongoing collaboration with brand owners and subject matter experts. It was our responsibility to make sure everyone was heard and engaged.

We gathered internationally dispersed teams to participate in multiple in-person user research and content workshops. Together, we established goals, prioritised user groups and aligned requirements for each section of the site.   This time spent was invaluable, enabling us to retain a strong sense of market individuality, whilst creating a unified brand presence.

We used comprehensive testing to determine user tasks, current behaviours and common pain points. Clear user journeys were essential to build a self-serve domain that gave qualified leads access to the right point of contact.

Content strategy workshops and audits helped teams to prioritise their content and messaging across the website. A large scale content project kicked off with training in writing for the web across four countries. Then Dept helped edit and finalise content across the entire website. Content owners now have 92% less content to manage, making SEO and governance far more manageable. 



Euronext wanted to consolidate all of their websites onto Drupal CMS, which was already in their existing tech stack. To that end, our Drupal-certified development team worked with their cohort of experts to implement a full site redesign of and development of Euronext Live and Connect in Drupal 8.

We also developed a suite of templates and responsive components to support the user-centric information architecture. This enabled us to deliver a visually diverse network of content to reflect the multitude of products on offer. Fifteen Drupal integrations support an abundance of user requirements and deliver optimum customer service.

Lastly, we put in place an interactive click-swap component to enable customisation and an enhanced brand experience. This element provides an accessible snapshot of some of the 1,300 companies listed on Euronext.


Uniting the brand under one umbrella

Dept helped Euronext to transform their online presence from one fragmented across many countries, to one that represents their pan-European brand and business. Our experts worked closely with their specialists and leaders to deliver a cohesive experience to their global customer base. This was reflected in the results which included a 75% uplift in mobile traffic.

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