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Yara International

Hyperlocalised websites for more direct customer relationships


Yara International is the world’s leading supplier of plant nutrients in the form of mineral fertilisers – an essential ingredient in modern agriculture. Yara wanted to launch a new website that would help them to provide tailored content, expert advice and practical tools to develop a more direct relationship with their diverse range of customers in farming and industry around the world. Dept helped out.

Understanding the customer

Yara needed to retain global control of digital assets, yet talk to their customers on a truly local level. But before we embarked on the project, we made sure we fully understood Yara’s end-customers by conducting detailed research, including one-to-one customer interviews and workshops in Oslo, Paris and Florida. The outputs from this research were reflected in our design. To enable end-users to benefit from digital content, no matter where they are and what they are doing, responsive design techniques were adopted to ensure the site worked across all devices.

To have a rich local conversation, we realised the need to provide more than just translation of web copy. We worked with teams in each country to deliver hyperlocalisation – subtle changes in design and imagery ensured each site matched its audience. We designed, built and rolled out a new website to over 35 countries, in 19 languages, each one engaging four different audiences and sectors.



An enterprise content management system encouraged reusability of content and assets between websites, and established common processes and documentation to support the local country website rollout managers and translators.

We also built import tools that helped to pull data from other Yara sources (such as application databases). We integrated with existing internal Yara applications via web-services, to provide product recommendations and growth stage advice for crops. This reduced the amount of content that needed to be generated, and supported the use of existing materials and data, saving Yara staff time and effort in each local market.


Yara’s new platform is globally controlled but locally adapted, specific to countries with tailored information and guidance to suit each specific audience. Customers now have more information than ever to help them use Yara products effectively which, in turn, helps them to profit from greater yields, efficiency and safety.

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