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Harnessing the power of weather data to personalise campaigns

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Whether you want to remodel a room or are hoping to beautify your garden, JUMBO, a Swiss DIY pioneer has got you covered. However, what project you decide to tackle next often depends on the time of year and the weather. So JUMBO partnered with Dept to create hyper-personalised campaigns based on a user’s location and the weather information for the surrounding region.

Catering to Swiss users everywhere

What started off as a small neighbourhood store in 1982 has grown into a nationwide phenomenon with over 40 stores across the country that offers not only a large assortment of items but also expertise and services to help guide people in their crafty journey. Dept has been supporting JUMBO in its digital advertising and analytics efforts since 2017. However, we decided to take it up a notch and help the company become more data-driven while putting the user even more at the core of their advertising efforts by enabling hyper-localised campaigns that take into account a user’s location and the local weather information.


Combining location and weather data to deliver a hyper-personalised message

Analysing data to spot patterns

Together with JUMBO, we started off by defining the different weather conditions which impacted the user purchase based on historical and current weather information combined with purchase data and analytics. Based on this information, we discovered four weather conditions that clearly impacted one’s purchase choices: hot, dry, snow and frost. 

Based on these weather conditions, product groups were created and implemented into the company’s Google Merchant Center. This ensured that any new advertising campaigns would reflect these categories.

A central digital marketing hub

To enable hyper-localised campaigns which take into account the weather, we needed to link the brand’s Google Merchant Centre to its Google Marketing Platform to provide a single place to manage media buys in real-time. This central digital marketing hub was then connected to an open weather API which provides data from the last few days as well as future weather forecasts. To ensure precision and localised results, we divided Switzerland into 350 regions. This combination of digital elements enabled us to create dynamic advertising feeds that are continuously updated based on data. Thus showing the user the most up to date information. 

A trilingual campaign in two months

In less than two months, we launched both text and image feed-based advertising in French, German and Italian. The user is shown an animated weather forecast for their region and matching items that may interest them based on the four preset categories. The result? Over 8.5 million impressions in less than two months and a 152% increase in click-through rates. Showing how using even the smallest of data information can dramatically elevate one’s digital presence. 

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