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Assured of a B2B and B2C friendly platform


Allianz Group is one of the largest insurers in the world. With 142,000 employees worldwide, 85 million customers and being active in more than 70 countries, Allianz is the market leader in the financial sector. Given the varied range of customers – from consumers to multinationals – Allianz desired a platform that does justice to both B2C and B2B customers. Dept helped with the development and implementation of a suitable platform, with final focus on lead generation.

New chances

The transformation to directly approaching customers and target groups, instead of reaching them through a partner network, would offer new opportunities for Allianz. All online channels and the website must then respond to this in order to realisation. And by creating a B2C and B2B friendly platform, not only brand knowledge should be increased, but also the online engagement among both target groups. The ultimate goal of the implementation? Generate more leads.

Allianz Featured image case

Making the right insurance choice

Together with Allianz we have developed a Magnolia CMS solution with a customer experience as a central theme. This way every customer experiences a personalised environment, to support them in their insurance choice. An extra dimension is the integration of the Chatbot service that helps customers choose the right insurance policies based on their personal situation.


The operational benefits for Allianz have been enormous. In addition, the number of leads is still increasing exponentially; requests generated via the website increase every month. And not to forget: the feedback from the customers is positive. The information provided and the personalised help provided when choosing insurances is experienced as very valuable.

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