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A platform that services both B2B and B2C customers


The Allianz Group is one of the largest insurers in the world. With over 147,000 employees worldwide, 85 million customers, and being active in more than 70 countries, Allianz is the market leader in the financial sector. The Dutch branch of Allianz wanted to redesign their website to prioritize the customer while bringing in more leads. So they turned to Dept to help rebuild their website which catered to both B2B and B2C customers.

Changing how they do business

The brand’s Dutch website offered the company’s entire range of products, yet Allianz NL mainly reached people via partner networks. They wanted to change that and be able to directly approach and communicate with consumers. To make this possible, Dept helped the company adapt its website to cater to both private individuals and businesses by making the process to apply for insurance more straightforward. These implementations would prioritise the customer experience while helping the insurance giant generate more leads.


Changing how Allianz approaches potential and existing customers

Shortening the customer journey

Our team started by simplifying the process of getting a quote for Allianz’s top three insurance products before rolling out the implementations across all products. So, instead of having potential customers fill out a long-form to get a quote, a process that often lead to frustration, we simplified the process to three basic questions. Once the customer received an estimate, we redesigned the process to direct people either towards contacting Allianz or enabling them to quickly buy the insurance they needed online. We also added a Chatbot service which could help guide customers and brands who were unsure which policy was best for them. This shortened the customer journey, made the process of applying for insurance clearer, while also prioritizing the customer during the entire experience. By delivering a great customer experience, this lead to positive review and more repeat customers.

In order to prioritize the customer experience, we developed a Magnolia CMS solution which enabled Allianz to create a personalised environment for every customer; thus providing people with more support during their insurance selection process.


Personalised help

As customers have more choice than ever before, the customer experience matter more than ever. By putting the customer first and changing their website, Allianz was able to deliver the best customer experience possible. This lead to enormous operational benefits for the insurance brand. The number of leads increased exponentially and requests generated via the website also increased each month for several months. The brand also received a lot of positive feedback from customers. Numerous customers liked the more up-to-date information which the website now provided in addition to the personalised help which they can receive when choosing an insurance package. And as the brand received more feedback and customer data, they were able to make changes and adapt accordingly. 

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