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A fashion brand leveraging the power of well-structured tracking


IVY & OAK is one of Europe’s fastest-growing, direct-to-consumer fashion brands designed for women who value quality, simplicity, and style while being sustainable at the same time. They offer high-quality clothing that is affordable and made to last. As an online-first brand coupled with data-driven founders, they knew how important it was to have reliable and trustworthy web-tracking in place early on. After taking the first few steps on their own, they reached out to Dept to help them implement a cutting edge Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager setup customised to their business requirements. Dept and IVY & OAK then laid the foundation for a lean and robust Business Intelligence (BI) infrastructure.

Reaching the right target group

Founded in Berlin in 2016, IVY & OAK creates fashion in a conscious manner. This core value is reflected in all aspects of the company from selecting sustainable fabrics to producing garments in carefully picked factories. In order to gauge consumer response and ensure they are reaching the right audience, the brand partnered with Dept to put web-tracking tools in place to monitor consumer activity and behaviour on their website as well as the success level of their marketing efforts.


IVY & OAK gained  more control over their online marketing efforts

Combining all channels

Our team started by helping the fashion brand with its website tracking. We then proceeded to build a self-serve BI infrastructure. First, by implementing a modern ETL tool (Fivetran), which automatically loads their data into their warehouse (PostgreSQL). This allows IVY & OAK, for the first time, to have all of their data in one centralised area. Additionally, this creates a single source of truth for all employees which requires very little maintenance work. The custom data model created for the company enables them to evaluate the effects of their various marketing efforts and easily visualise them with the help of the beautiful dashboarding tool (Tableau). Making it easier than ever to uncover insights and, more importantly, to turn those insights into actions. This was instrumental in empowering the team to make quick optimisation adjustments to the marketing budget.

The power of visualisation

Our team helped IVY & OAK take an even more data-driven approach to their day-to-day marketing activities. Now they can visualise and optimise each individual channel as well as holistically throughout the entire customer journey by using some of today’s best Analytics and Business Intelligence tools. Additionally, moving forward data will be automatically imported from all marketing channels and team-specific KPI dashboards throughout the organisation will be updated accordingly. Lastly, we trained key employees who then trained others within their respective teams on how to leverage these tools. This has allowed the brand to be completely self-sufficient once the project was done.

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