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You’ve probably seen it:’s social content. A crazy joke, a smart newsjacking post sometimes on the edge. In 2016 Dept started handling the webshop’s social media, since then it’s been one big online party that’s reached millions of people. After a while Dept dating became serious and in June Dept became the official lead agency. To celebrate this step in our relationship, we’ve collected a few of our favourite campaigns together from the last year.

The Gift Machine - Sinterklaas

Sinterklaas is basically Dutch Santa Claus, for you non-Dutchies. Looking for the perfect gift is always harder than you think! That’s why Dept created a social video for Sinterklaas suggesting a new way of picking gifts for your loved ones: the Gift Machine. By swiping left or right, you can find the perfect gift for anyone, whether it’s for your dad, sister or boyfriend. To promote this social tool, Dept set up the campaign ‘The Gift Machine’! We launched the campaign with a video that depicted two kids living with their single mum. In the video we made it look as if the kids had stolen their mum’s phone and were swiping through her Tinder. In reality, they were swiping left and right on the’s Gift machine app.

This campaign eventually reached 850.000 people and received more than 5000 comments under the Facebook post. The target audience watched the video in total 190.000 minutes.


We’re not doing anything for Valentine’s Day… right?

Valentine's Day

Nearly three months later, it was time for Valentine’s Day and we all got stressed out again about presents. But this time we worried about whether or not to buy our loved one something. Because let’s be honest: everyone hates Valentine’s day, right? We think we don’t need to give our boyfriend/girlfriend something because they know we love them all year round. But as the 14th of February creeps closer we suddenly start to think ‘What if he/she actually expects a gift? What if they bought something for me and I turn up empty-handed?’

Asking is impossible because that would kill all the romance. And that’s exactly the thought behind our Valentine’s day campaign: ‘We’re not doing anything for Valentine’s Day, right…?’ We kicked off the campaign with a video on Instagram and Facebook in which we painfully watch what happens if you get Valentine’s Day horribly wrong.

After the video went live we delivered the target audience Instagram poll insights on Valentine’s expectations, where we subtly hinted that buying a gift might not be a bad idea.
For people without inspiration, we introduced our ‘lovebot’ Cupid on Facebook Messenger. On Valentine’s Day, we gave people the opportunity to order something before 12 and receive it the same day. We set up digital abris in big cities with a real-time countdown, to remind people it was Valentine’s day.

Now for the results…’s sales increased a booming 63% after our Valentine’s campaign. The landing page got 65% more visitors compared to last year and 7203 people used our Cupido lovebot to find the perfect gift.

Image Case Moederdag Dept

Mother's Day

For Mothers day, and Dept joined forces for a moving but funny campaign. In the video, we follow a mother from the moment she starts nursing her baby until the moment that her child has kids of her own. As usually has a funny image, we actually wanted to touch people with this campaign. We aimed to give extra attention to mothers in the Netherlands, thanking them for their unconditional love. The message is ‘Thanks mom, you’re always there for me’ accompanied by the text ‘Make sure she feels loved on Mothers Day’.

Our Mother’s Day campaign acts as a reminder of what mothers have to do for their children: shitty diapers, stinky sports clothes (next to the laundry basket instead of inside it) and moody teenagers. Everyone should recognize themselves at least a little because we created it based on our own experiences (sorry Dept moms) With this campaign Dept and reached 1 million people and the video has been watched for 162000 minutes via Facebook. Thanks, mom! Moederdag Case Dept

Father's Day

After giving our moms some love, we couldn’t forget the dads of course. With Fathers Day approaching, Dept and created a concept for the main men in our lives. The video featured Isaiah Mustafa, most famous for the campaign ‘The Man Your Man Could Smell Like’ from Old Spice. The iconic ‘Old Spice Guy’ tells you a quick story, like he always does while standing half naked. Mustafa explains in 60 seconds the do’s and don’ts for Father’s Day gifts. For example: your Dad is not going to be happy with another pair of socks, but he is definitely going to be happy with a chainsaw!

Dept and are really happy with the outcome. The video reached 600.000 people organically on Facebook and eventually it was viewed over a million times. The target audience also placed 26K comments underneath the Facebook post.


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