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Mobile Developer Assignment

Thank you for applying! This assignment is to get a feel for the level you’re at as a developer. It is not necessarily a test, as it is something for us to discuss with you during your interview more in-depth. This way you get a chance to prove to us your skillset and for us to place you at the right level with the right people.

For the Mobile Assignment, we’d like to ask you to build a Chess Clock app. In Chess, especially in high-speed games, opponents use a clock to speed things up and compete on a higher level. In essence, this is what the app should help the players with.

Chess clocks are used throughout multiple forms of Chess, so please be aware that this clock needs to conform to at least one of these forms.

Furthermore, we have some minimum requirements for you to consider:

  • You don’t need to submit or publish it in the App or PlayStore, but when we check out your Git repository, the app should be build without any additional configurations (unless specified in an additional file).
  • Two clocks for both players visually displayed on the screen.
  • Set the amount of time based on how long both players want to play the game.
  • Starting the game will keep track of both users’ times played.
  • Make sure that by a simple tab on the screen one player’s clock is stopped and the other’s has started.
  • Create start, pause and reset option that applies on both clocks to manage gameplay.
  • If time permits, change the clock ruleset based on the different forms of clock based chess-play.

Let your recruiter know if you have any questions!


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The assignment QA Engineer

First impressions are important, second impressions are everything. So it’s time for some action. Let’s stop talking and get some serious testing done. After all, the only certainties in life are death, taxes and bugs in code!

We have formulated an assignment to assess your testing knowledge. The assignment has been devised with manual and automation testers in mind. Carefully read what to do and what not to do. The assignment consists of two parts. To check your understanding of both subjects.


  • If a completion date has not been agreed with you, please try to complete the assignment in a week;
  • Please do both parts of the assignment unless otherwise stated;
  • Please use Github or one of the repositories to share your code, we want to see the code next to a running test suite;
  • Please make sure that we can run the automation scripts on our computers by including a readme. (that includes the setup of the automation stack itself).

What are our expectations?

Part 1: Test planning
We would like you to make an small document describing the test planning for the test activities over a 6 months time frame for an imaginary project. This project is a new eCommerce website which just started development. Until now testing has not been performed in this project. The PO/PM asked you to make a small document in which the test activities are defined for the upcoming six months until delivery. Consider it as a mini-test plan with a timeline.

Part 2: Test automation
We are expecting you to demonstrate your knowledge of test automation by sending in a fully running assignment. We expect you to have a generated report after running. Depending on your experience we also expect a framework to be set up and also a basic pipeline set up or thought about (for example maybe add a yml file). The tool you choose can be any of the tools you are aware of currently being used in the industry.
What do I need to automate, you might ask, we will leave that up to you. Make a choice of some interesting flows using the following two websites. The automation tests are made based on automation test sites available freely on the internet at the point of making these tests. You can go wild on these websites!

Some challenging scenarios to automate if you need to start somewhere: 

Experienced Automators

It will be nice if the framework that you build can be used on the multiple AUT (application under test) and brownie points if you also have the tests running on mobile layouts. Think of reusability, order of tests, speed of the whole test suite, etc. We need to see that it can be used in the real world and not as a theoretical optimization.

Kick some ass!

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