Hi Anthem Awards judges, this is the case to re-green the earth!

Re-green earth

In order to help the climate organisation Justdiggit regreen hearts and minds all throughout Europe, DEPT® created a unique lead scoring system to identify and prioritise online donors according to their actions. The result? More donations, brand awareness and website sessions.

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Using a new lead scoring model to regreen the Earth

Justdiggit is on a mission to cool down the planet by making dry land green again. Besides on-the-ground regreening projects in Africa, raising awareness through (digital) media and communication is an integral part of Justdiggit’s work. 

“Regreening is done together”. That’s why building a global (online) regreening community is key. With their campaigns, Justdiggit spreads awareness about nature-based solutions with a simple call to action: Dig in! In order to regreen hearts and minds in Europe, Justdiggit looked for a way to better streamline their digital marketing channels and expand their community of European donors. With climate change at stake, this is an opportunity where DEPT®, as a B-Corp organisation, is happy to contribute. 

DEPT® (with help of Milkshake Research) identified a target group that Justdiggit likes to call green donors. We defined who green donors are, where they are located and how to reach them. Next, we set up a strategy to bring all channels together and ensure sure the right content is served per phase. The channels are optimised through the use of a new lead scoring model.

Thanks to this model, Justdiggit is now able to reach a much larger, and most importantly, more relevant audience with their story – thus regreening hearts and minds all throughout Europe and strengthening their community.

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All agencies involved (Kellerman, Havas, JcDecaux, Blow Up Media, Milkshake, BYTE/DEPT and Optimoose) contributed to this strategy by offering services on a pro-bono basis. This coalition between all parties proves that Justdiggit has a proposition that people identify with and get excited about. In other words, a proposition and goal that more people should know about.

As DEPT®, we are happy that we were able to help Justdiggit achieve its goals of building a global regreening movement. With the state of nature and climate change at stake, this is a goal to which we are happy to contribute.

The lead scoring model is quite new in the market and it is innovative for non-profits like Justdiggit. NGOs often stay behind the market in terms of innovations, so being one of the first to use this type of model will help Justdiggit to get one step closer to fulfilling its mission.

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Since all media budgets that Justdiggit works with are pro bono and therefore limited, choices had to be made on how we could best use the budget, both per channel and on a national scale.

To maximise the impact of the marketing campaign, four phases were set up:

  • Analysis of the market attractiveness
  • Analysis of donations and media behaviour among the target group
  • Optimal media mix based on (grant) media budgets
  • Effectively measuring the growth of a community

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We determined the market attractiveness by means of target group size and donation culture data per country. Global WebIndex was used for this data.

To understand the donation and media behaviour we used persona data from Milkshake research and this was then enriched with media insights from Global WebIndex.

The media budget was sourced from both the available grant budgets and the phases of the customer journey where there were opportunities to grow the community. 

Particularly through the collaboration with BlowUp media, we were able to deploy large brand awareness flights specifically in Germany. The combination of YouTube, Google Ads and Facebook budgets ensured a strong presence in Germany at every stage of the customer journey.

In order to effectively measure whether our strategy was effective (in other words, whether the community grew) we applied two forms of measurement: 

  • In collaboration with Memo2, we performed a zero measurement of brand awareness.
  • Later in the year, more measurements will follow regarding brand consideration and donation intention.

In addition, based on engagement scoring, we divided all incoming website traffic into 3 categories: light, medium and dark green. These are conversions, such as homepage events, newsletter subscriptions, one-time donations and monthly donations. Based on these categories, we are able to determine how ‘green’ a visitor is and therefore optimise all grant campaigns.

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Growth in turnover of donations


Growth in sessions


Growth in brand awareness 

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A joint effort

The collaboration with Justdiggit is a special experience. Not only because of the importance of Justdiggit’s work for the well-being of our planet, but also because of the nature of the collaboration. This is really a joint effort between several large agencies and partners like Memo2 (part of Kantar), Milkshake Research, BlowUp Media, Google and Meta.

DEPT® already supported Justdiggit for multiple years. With this strategy, we took our partnership to the next level.  DEPT® knows our organisation very well and helped to create a strong digital fundament for us.

Wessel van Eeden

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