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Hello, we are Dept — an international network of leading digital agencies. From our offices across Europe and the US, 500 of the most talented and experienced people in our industry combine creativity, technology and data to deliver digital products and services that build brands, grow businesses and make people’s lives easier.

We are a family of specialist agencies that combine international scale with the agility and knowledge of local specialists. Each agency is a leader in its own field, with its own team and personality. Together we share the same DNA and work in seamless, multi-disciplinary client teams.

With a creative heart and a data-driven mind, our teams offer our clients whatever their digital business requires: innovative ideas that transform businesses; timeless digital platforms; game-changing use of data; operational support for global teams, and campaigns that people won’t stop talking about. If it has anything to do with digital, we make it happen.

The digital pros that fill our workspaces get their pleasure from creating award-winning magic on both the small screens and the big ones. They feel at home in boardrooms, design experiences that make people smile, and write code as though it’s their native language. We don’t like fear or laziness; if everything seems under control, we’re not going fast enough.

So here’s to tomorrow — we’re ready for it.

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Delta Lloyd, Achmea & Philips

Digital Recruitment.

With a continuously rising amount of vacancies and less unemployed people, job candidates are regaining their power on the labor market. The importance of a great employer brand and online candidate experience is bigger than ever. Delta Lloyd, Achmea and Philips understand this well, read all about their approach.


Visual Identity, Interactive & Web.

Part of Air France-KLM, it’s Transavia’s ambition to become Europe’s leading low cost airline in hospitality and service. This involved a complete re-brand. Studio Dumbar was responsible for the new strategic positioning and the design of the new visual identity. With digital agency Mirabeau, Transavia developed the new e-commerce platform.

Doctors without Borders

Brand Website.

Doctors without Borders is one of the most well known non-profit brands in the world. When we were asked to create a new website for Doctors without Borders, we decided to focus on the organization’s unsung heroes: the people who work out in the field, often under dangerous circumstances. The amount of visitors willing to donate to the charity has doubled since the launch of the new website.


Digital MarketingPlatform.

Former startup Zalando has become a 6-Billion-Euro company and Europe’s top Fashion retail platform. In 2008, Zalando served only Germany, five years later they were serving fifteen European countries. Right from the beginning, the founders of Trust Agents worked on an innovative SEO and content strategy to drive growth.


Digital Marketing.

When we started working for TomTom in 2014, the measurement was not clear, to say the least. That is why started off with optimising the online measurement and redesigning the existing SEA and programmatic display campaigns. Within one year, we eliminated a substantial amount of technical obstacles. As a result TomTom’s success became visible.



For youngsters with a need for speed, Walibi Holland is the place to be. Here you’ll find the highest, fastest and most thrilling rollercoasters of the Benelux. Adrenaline levels go sky high when you’re in the park, but ideally the adrenaline should start to flow the minute you visit the site. That’s why we decided to allow visitors to speed up on the website as well.

Tiger of Sweden

E-commerce Platform.

Tiger of Sweden is clothing with a proud attitude. We created the online shop that went successfully live on the cloud-based Demandware platform. The migration from a full service provider onto the new platform allows the Swedish premium brand to manage their shop single-handedly.


Visual Identity.

Royal Picture Gallery Mauritshuis is home to one of the most famous portraits in the world: Vermeer’s Girl with the Peal Earring. It’s part of the museum's renowned collection of Golden Age paintings. The Mauritshuis was completely renovated and extended. Studio Dumbar designed an identity that is classical as well as modern, with the monogram at the centre of it.

Harman Kardon


Harman Kardon is a famous brand of speakers and headphones. At the end of 2014 they launched their latest flagship – a multi-room audio system called Omni. To promote it amongst millenials, we made a cross-platform audio game.

Koninklijke Bibliotheek


What do you think is the most important book in world? The National Dutch Library is asking citizens to decide together in a contest that’s part of 2016 Year of the Book. We made a beautiful digital home to this contest that allows you to navigate the current selection and offer up your own opinion.

Marlies Dekkers

Digital Marketing.

The partnership between Expand Online and Marlies Dekkers has been successful for the past four years. During these years, the lingerie brand experienced a relaunch and shifted its focus from offline retail to online. Our job is to provide advice, manage the online marketing activities and determine the strategy alongside Marlies Dekkers’ marketing team.


Digital Marketing.

VacanceSelect is the place to be if you want to book a spot for your caravan or an accommodation on the more luxurious campsites and holiday parks in Europe. Through SEA, Facebook, YouTube and Retargeting campaigns, we delivered relevant traffic and more bookings from 10 different European markets.


Content Marketing.

Second Degree is one of the agencies of record of Microsoft Nederland since December 2013. As a content partner we create, plan and monitor the performance of (B2B) content for specific departments of Microsoft Nederland (SMB, EPG, DX). Second Degree creates various types of content for Microsoft, such as LinkedIn posts, blogs, longreads and video. In 2016, Microsoft Nederland is one of the top-brands on LinkedIn in the Netherlands.


Content Marketing.

Philips Benelux is all about innovation. And innovation is one of the key ingredients of our partnership with Philips Benelux since 2014. Together we’ve created one of the first (and most successful) showcase pages in the Netherlands ‘Philips, innovation and you’. In 2015 we’ve co-created a pilot lead generation campaign for the Lighting-division (Green Warehouse). This campaign tactic was successful and resulted in 4 more ‘leadgen’ campaigns in the fall. In 2016, Philips Benelux remains one of the top-brands on LinkedIn in the Netherlands.


Content Marketing.

Ziggo wants to be a partner for all entrepreneurs which resulted in the creation of a showcase page on LinkedIn for Entrepreneurs in the spring of 2015. Second Degree was asked to particpate as a content partner, alongside LinkedIn, BNR (ZZP Café) and ZZP Barometer, to increase the performance on LinkedIn. Second Degree creates various types of content for Ziggo, such as LinkedIn posts, blogs and promotions. In 2016, Ziggo is one of the top-brands on LinkedIn in the Netherlands.


B2B Platform.

Arcadis is a design and consultancy firm with 28,000 employees worldwide, with expertise in the natural and built assets sector. TamTam created the renewed brand’s global website which went live in over 30 countries and 10 different languages. This is the story of a B2B website which focuses on smart content marketing.


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We work with some of the most successful brands in the world, and at the end of the day our job is to make their lives — and their customers’ lives — better. That’s why we value a great working relationship with our clients above all else. It’s why they often come to our parties. It’s also why we’re able to challenge and inspire them to aim higher and reach for the stars.

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You spend almost half of your waking life at work. That’s a really depressing fact, unless you work in the best, funnest and most rewarding environment. So that’s what we’re all about. And it’s not just about parties and free sodas (though, yes and yes) - it’s about giving you the space to do what you’re good at, and allowing you to learn the things you want to be better at.

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